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Everyone seems to have read a comic book

Once or twice in their lives,

And most people collect something

That they cherish the most.

But Kimi has the biggest library of comic books and action figures

That she has loved since childhood.

Comic books are what makes Kimi happy,

And feel at peace with the world at large.

She believes comic books are the key to

Exploring wonderful worlds and meeting captivating characters.

They're filled to the brim with amazing adventures, daring drama, and excessive emotions.

The color and text always attract her attention

And keep her eyes glued to the pages.

She reads a lot of comics and graphic novels

From DC and Marvel to Dark House.

She loves any kind of comic books

If they're funny, serious, or inspirational.

She loves any comic book genres,

Mysteries, manga, and science fiction.

She loves any comic book hero,

Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Some people say that she might have learned to read

The first time she got her hands on a comic book.

Some say that she might even have a collection

That's worth over a million dollars.

It's basically her savings account for when she turns them over

For a new set of comic books.

Every day, they see Kimi rush to the local comics store

To buy a new issue of her favorite comic book series.

But there's a day that's very special for her,

And she doesn't have to waste a single penny.

It is called "Comic Book Day".

That day is a well-known day

For all comic book lovers to earn a comic book of their own.

When Comic Book Day arrives,

Kimi always wants to be the first in line.

Sometimes she camps outside the comic book store

Much to the confusion of the store's employees.

Other times, she arrives a tad too late,

When many other people are waiting in line.

She tries to nudge her way to the front of the line,

Pushing and shoving comic fans in cosplay outfits.

But she knows she has to stay in line

Because nobody likes it if she shoves them aside.

So she just stands it line

And waits patiently.

When it's finally her turn,

She dashes into the store to receive a free comic book.

But the owners of the store know Kimi very well,

So they usually let her come into the store

Without waiting in a large line.

Once she gets her free comic book,

She'll be able to add it to her collection

Or share it with her friends

Who love comic books as much as she does.

Comic books motivate and inspire her

And she hopes to become brave and heroic

Like the characters in her favorite comics.

For Kimi, nothing is more important

Than a freshly printed comic book.