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This story is in the view of 13-year-old Caitlyn Rogers, and is about her and her four siblings' parents going missing! This is the sequel to Darkness Surrounding on Authors and Artists Wiki.

The family

  • 45-year-old Carson Rogers (father)
  • 43-year-old Kaylee Rogers (mother)
  • 14-year-old Jack Rogers (older brother)
  • 13-year-old Caitlyn Rogers (main narrator)
  • 11-year-old Katie Rogers (little sister)
  • 9-year-old Braydon Rogers (little brother)
  • 8-year-old Abbi Karen-Rogers (little foster sister)


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  • Credits (two cents=one credit)


It's nearing the end of last period, and Jack is home already. My phone rings, and everyone glares at me. I check who's calling. "Jack Rogers".

I frown and say, "Jack never calls me during school."

I say worriedly, "What is it, Jack?" Mrs. Davis glances at everyone.

Jack says urgently, "Mom and Dad aren't here!"

I yell in shock, "What!?"

Mrs. Davis says, "Cait, what is it?"

I say, "My parents... aren't home... They get home from work an hour before we get home from school!"

Aaron Nickers-Jaitsen glances at the teacher with evident worry.

He once told me when he was 11 years old, his parents had been missing, and were recovered a week later, but dead.

Mrs. Davis knows that too, and says, "They've obviously disappeared recently... they're probably not dead."

The haunted look on Aaron's front breaks my heart. BTW, he's got a good family now, hence the 'Jaitsen' in his last name.

He whispers, "I miss my parents. Why'd they have to die??"

Two tears run down his hood, and the bully in our class says, "Shut up!" and knocks him to the ground!

Aaron pleads, "Stop!"

Gary Varen says, "No, you useless child! You cried!"

More tears run down Aaron's hood, and he says, "It's not my fault my parents were killed when I was 11!"

I yell, "Gary, leave him alone! He did nothing to you!"

Gary says, his words and voice sinister, "Fine. You want a innocent's death on you, Aaron? 'Cause I will be willing to end Caitlyn's puny life because you weren't able to stop me."

Another student in my large class yells, "Don't kill her!"

Mrs. Davis yanks Gary away from me as he pulls out a flippin' pocketknife!

Chapter One- Returning to Silence

After that traumatic moment, I head home, still shaken up after what Gary was going to do if Mrs. Davis or a student hadn't stopped him.

I say, "Jack, you will not believe what happened- Jack?"

I go up-ramp, and I see Jack's innocent beautiful blue eyes filled up with sad tears. He's looking at a picture of our family. He looks up, and sees me.

He sobs, "I don't know if I'll see them again."

My own gray eyes fill up with tears.

I say, "Today, at last block, Gary Varen was literally going to kill me!"

Jack says, "What!?" obviously very angered.

Eventually, when everyone returns, Jack, being the oldest child, says, "Listen everyone. Mom and Dad... are... missing. I don't know where their kidnapper took them, or if they're even still alive. With me being only 14, we'll see how I hold up, emotionally and babysitting-wise."

My foster sister, 8-year-old Abbi Karen-Rogers, says, "So are we going to eat somewhere or stay here?"Jack holds up his tire, $20.20 in his tire.

"We don't have enough," he says sadly, "I can't feed all you guys."

A lone tear runs down his hood. He's so young, and he wants to help us, but we don't have enough money. My poor brother.

I check my bank, and I have another $20.10.

11-year-old Katie checks hers as well. "$10.40!" she exclaims.

9-year-old Braydon checks his bank as well. "$5.48."

Abbi looks in her clear bank, and says, "I have $1.25." We hand Jack our money, and he adds it all up.

"$58.41," he says, pretty happy about the amount.

"Let's go, guys," he says, taking us to the nearby resturant.

He goes to the counter, and the human cashier says, "You guys are all under 16. Where's your parents?"

Jack answers, in a whisper, "They were kidnapped."

A look of shock and horror comes over the man's features, beautiful emerald eyes containing sympathy.

Chapter Two- Eating With a Shocking Surprise...

The man says, "Oh," looking at all five of us, probably pretty sad for us.

He takes our order, and also to our seats. He says, "It's pretty sad that the oldest kid is merely 14," to a female worker, most likely his girlfriend, or fiancee. Who knows?

Then he says, lowering his voice, "The oldest said their parents were kidnapped."

The woman's face changes from a neutral expression to one of pure shock. She glances at us.

"Those poor *children..."

The man nods sadly. Then, Aaron comes into the restarant. He holds up empty tires, and since I know what that gesture means (asking for money), I say with concern flavoring my tone, "Aaron! Is everything alright?"

He answers sadly, "Mom and Dad kicked me out. For defending myself against John."

The woman's hand flies to her mouth. "Oh, honey! That's terrible!"

His eyes tear up. "I have no one now."

I say, "Aaron, you have us."

The woman whispers, glancing at Aaron, "He's barely past a child."

The man sadly nods again.

I watch Aaron head toward us, but Gary enters the cozy building and throws Aaron to the ground! The woman's hand flies to her mouth again at the violence. Especially when Gary pulls out a pocketknife and puts it just inches from Aaron's side!

The man runs toward the violent scene and stops Gary from injuring or even killing Aaron!

He says, "Don't. Kill. Him!" Aaron watches in horror as Gary raises his tire above his cab. And hits him. Hard.


Anyone below 16 is considered a child to the man and the woman.

10 minutes later

Poor Aaron takes a beating, and sadly eventually loses consciousness.

Gary laughs sardonically, saying cruelly, "I hope that lil' (bleep) dies."

The woman's eyes widen, but nothing more.

After 10 minutes after Gary leaves, Aaron wakes up and says, "Is he gone?" groggily.

I respond, "Yes. He left 12 minutes ago. C'mon and eat with us."

Another kid comes into the restruant, and the man says, "Why are children not coming with their parents?? They could get kidnapped!"

Another person comes in. The second human costumer today.

He says, "If another teen below 16 enters this restruant, I will willingly kidnap them!"

The the nice guy says, "No! You'll hurt them!"

A 15-year-old girl comes, and we all beckon for her to leave the restruant.

Unfortunately, the bell had given her away to the evil man. He turns around, and wickedly says, "Found a new prisoner."

The young girl pleads, "No, Ah'm merely gettin' food for ma family!"

The evil person freakin' ties her up! 

I say, "Stop tying her up, idiot! Le'her get food for the family, or I'll crash you!"

He holds her in front of himself, using her as a human shield!

I say, "If you don't free her, I'll call you in for kidnapping. Literally."

I hold up my phone, and slowly start to type 9.

He stops holding her forearms at the second number. But with an evil twist. He throws her to the ground, and her temple hits the edge of a chair!

Blood runs down from the side of her head, and the woman lays the girl on her back, with her in a adequate position for helping with an injury.

The girl says painfully, "Mosey on outta here, cow turd."

I snicker and say, "Yeah, get out of here, cow turd!"

The evil man holds up a pistol, aiming it at me. Upmh, apperantly he has no problem with killing people.

I plead, "Don't kill me in front of my family!"

Luckily, a police officer comes in before he can kill me and arrests the man for attempted murder and attempted kidnapping.

Chapter Three- We Go Back Home

We decide to go back home, but first I check on the Southern girl, who'd fallen asleep under the woman's care.

When we head home, Jack realizes he doesn't have a key, and breaks down. He says in heartbroken words, "I've failed you guys. I'm so sorry."

We look at the door heartbrokenly.

Abbi yells, "What's wrong with you! Why didn't you ask for a key, idiot!?"

Jack's eyes tear up at Abbi's words. Everyone gives her a glare for upsetting the 14-year-old even more.

I say, "Ya know, that isn't gonna help Jack. He's already feeling awful, and you rebuke him."

Abbi yells, "It's his fault we're locked out! Let's just sell him!"

Jack points out, "That's slavery!"

Katie yells, "Why would you suggest such a thing! He's an innocent teenager!"

Abbi says, "Well, Jack's an idiot."

Jack whispers, "I'm sorry."

I put my tire near his wheel and say, "Abbi should be the one apoligizing, not you. Abbi, apoligize!"

Abbi says, "No! He's the jerk, not me!"

Katie says, "Well, you're acting like a jerk right now! Jack didn't know this would happen to us!"

Abbi says, "I'm going! I don't care if Jack dies of starvation!"

We look at his tear-filled eyes and know that he's heartbroken. A few hours later, a cop comes rushing to our home. We know it's bad.

The cop yells, "Jack, come with me!"

Jack says, "Why?? I didn't do anything!"

The cop pulls out a gun and aims it at my brother!

"I'm gonna kill you if you don't get going!"

I plant myself in front of him and say, "He's innocent, and if you shoot him, you'll kill a completely innocent young teen. You want to do that?"

The cop says, "If your **** brother is innocent, why'd he rob a innocent family's house and kill them?"

Jack says, "I would do no such thing!"

Everyone says, "He wouldn't rob a house. Plus, he would never, and we mean never, kill a family."

Jack looks down. "Abbi framed me. I can't believe it. She went that far."

Katie says, "Officer, he did not do it. He's not capable of such things, I mean, robbing and killing a family?? He ain't a sicko!"

Chapter Four- My Brother is Arrested :'-(

The cop yells, "Well, an 8-year-old told me, and 8-year-olds are naive."

He arrests Jack, to our horror.

Katie says, "I can't believe Abbi framed Jack! She's so cruel!"

Abbi's P.O.V.

Hahaha! Now he's being arrested! For no reason!

The cop comes over to me, and I see a miserable Jack. His eyes fill with anger.

"How could you, Abbs? You know I would never kill anyone!"

I say, "Don't call me Abbs. You no longer have my permission."

Jack says in shock, "Permission!?"

I reply, "That's right, idiot. Permission."

I turn to the cop.

"Let's give him the worst cell you can muster."

Jack's blue eyes fill up with tears and horror when the cop escorts him to a cell with a bed with its legs partially broken.

"Get in, kid!" yells the officer.

He stays still, and the officer prods him in, and Jack falls to the stone floor. He closes the cell door, and Jack cries on the bed.

When it's nighttime, I watch him shiver on the bed.

I notice a female cop bringing him a rather thin blanket, but I say, "Don't give him it."

I hear a loud SNAP!! and "poor" Jack falls to the floor, and he shivers violently on the cold floor.

Jack pleads for a blanket, and I coldly say, "No, no blankets for you."

Tears run down his hood and hit the floor as he gets colder and colder.

I say to him, "Keep being cold!"

The same female cop says, "But he's freezing!"

She throws the blanket she's holding into the cell. I try to stop it, but it falls into it. Jack covers himself with the blanket.

I curse mentally at the cop.

He's still shiverring, mildly, and I am tempted to steal a cop's gun and shoot Jack while he's sleeping.

I leave, saying in a cruel tone, "Bye, Jackuin (NN he doen't like)."

As I pass the cop who imprisoned him, I whisper, "Make sure to starve him." 

Jack's P.O.V.

A day later, I find myself starving. I constantly plead for food, but everyone ignores me.

I watch as a 17-year-old gets fed.

He says, "This mac-and-cheese actually tastes like Krafts! Did not expect that!"

He catches me looking at the food, and a look of sympathy fills his eyes.

He says, "Aren't you going to feed that kid? He seems hungry..."

The cop with the older teen scowls and says, "I'm surprised you can feel sympathy."

The teen says darkly, "Empathy." 

Chapter Five- Back to Caitlyn

I cry, missing my brother and know that the poor kid is suffering.

I visit him, and he had collapsed!

A nearby older teen says, "The poor kid... starved."

I say, "He's innocent, and merely 14, but yet, they're starving him!?"

The truck says, "He's 14!?"

The truck looks to the right, seeming to be locked in a flashback.

Quin's flashback

14-year-old Quin Aron's dad came back, sad and heartbroken. He said, "I'm sorry guys. I was fired today."

Quin said, "No! We cannot! Mom already lost her job!"

His dad had tears streaming down his hood. "We're just going to... to starve."

Quin's brown eyes with a hint of blue filled up with tears.

Two days later, they all fainted of hunger, unable to afford food for the whole family.

They were able to provide their young son with $10-worth of a banana and water, but it wasn't enough.

All three of them were slowly dying of hunger.

They heard a knock.

The father weakly collapsed at the door, barely able to open it.

A cop glanced at him. Then he spotted the 14-year-old. He was unconscious and suffering.

"Please..." he barely managed.

Quin fainted again.

Then, he spotted the mother on her side, seeming to be car-version-of-pregnant.

His gaze saddened as he looked at the dying family. He knew they would not survive the week.

The cop called the Hospital.

They soon arrived with three ambulances.

One of them noticed that they were weakened beyond regaining consciousness anytime soon.

The cop angrily went to the Boss of the store and said, "You know what's happening to the family you fired!? They're dying because you fired the dad!"

Several civilians in the store gasped, and the Boss glared at them briefly.

One of them asked worriedly, "Are they... so close to death... they're not gonna make it?"

The cop said, "They're being taken care of in the Hospital. When I found them, the dad was near the door, out like a light. The mother seemed to be pregnant, and was in a horrid condition. Their son was faint. He's merely 14."

The civilian turned to the Boss. "Don't you feel bad? You were the only way they were getting money, and you fired the father. How could you?"

The Boss yelled, "He was useless! I wanted to make way for a worker who could actually do something!"

The civilian said in a sad/angry voice, "He was probably 'useless' because he was malnourished! Because you weren't paying him enough!"

The Boss said, "Employees, get this abombination out of here."

Most of the employees said, "No, he's just sticking up for a poor family."

The Boss said, "Then I'll get him out."

He used a pistol to prod the civilian out!

The truck whispers, "I almost starved to death at 14."

I say, "That's terrible!"

He says, "My father died of malnourishment two days after he was hospitalized. My mother was pregnant with my younger brother. He was born before my mother died as well. At merely three days old, he lost his mother. I was the only one left to support him."

I say, "Wow."

He continues the story in tears.

"I became the only 'father' to him at 15. His 'mother' was my aunt. Then I found out Aunt Chrissy was murdered when it was a week into my 15th year of life. I didn't know much, so little Grayson was malnourished. Now he's four, and without me, his only lifelong supporter."

Chapter Six- A Little Someone Visits

I see a small gray truck enter the prison. The 17-year-old's eyes light up. "Grayson!"

Lil' Grayson says, "Daddy?"

The truck says gently, "Not Daddy. Big. Brother. Quin. Say that with me. Big. Brother. Quin."

The child repeats the words with Quin.

He says triamphatly, "Big brother Quin!"

Quin says, "Yes, not 'Daddy'."

Grayson asks, "Where Daddy?"

At this point, the teen says, "Well... That's a hard question."

Grayson says, "Where Mommy?"

Quin says sadly, "I'll tell you when you're older."

Lil' Grayson says, "Okay!"

He's too young to know that his parents are dead.