I Love Writing Wiki

We all live in a world of full of colors

That have a purpose in our lives.

These colors give us happier lives

And make our world beautiful and bright.

Purples, blues, and vibrant yellow-greens

Replace the dullish grays

There are colors that we've never seen

That brighten up our days.

Red is the color of apples and stop signs

Orange is beautiful autumn leaves

Yellow is the warmth of the sun

Green is all of the plants and things,

Blue is the beautiful sky,

Indigo and violet are the colors of the flowers on the ground.

Without all these colors,

The world would be dull and gray.

Colors are what make us who we are,

And they brighten each and every day.

The colors of the world

Paint a picture filled with wonder.

They're always bold and strong,

Nothing can rip them asunder.

Red is like a ball, bouncing up and down

Showing us the colors all around.

Orange is bright and loud

It stands up all tough and proud.

Yellow is bright and stands up the most

Just like its wonderful and vibrant host.

Blue colors the sky and the sea

And shines in great days of victory.

The components of purple, violet and indigo

Give peace and serenity, you know.

Pink has a gentle shower

Bringing memories of a friend in less than an hour.

Even though these colors are simple,

And rather primary,

They mix with each other and make more colors

As far as the eyes can see.

Burgundy, mahogany, beige, and gold

Ashburn, almond, bazaar, baby blue

They stand out to me so bright and bold,

And together, they inspire me, too.

Every day, colors change, and new ones are made

They make each other without a single hand.

They come in different hues and shades

And when they're together, they begin to band.

Pastel, neon, fluorescent, cool and warm

All these tints and shades I see

Are what makes all these colors form

And they're all so beautiful to me.

If it weren't for these colors,

Things would never look the same.

For colors paint the world's wonders

And wonderful things would be given fame.

Colors give this world vibrance,

They bring us happiness and joy.

It makes us watch from a distance

We respect and admire colors, we never destroy.

This wonderful world in which we have always lived

Will always have colors to unfurl

They're all around us, and they have joy to give,

These wonderful colors of the world.