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Miki Woods Miki Woods 21 March 2021


Um..I just found this wiki and honestly have no clue how to post stories-

should i post on this blog area or somewhere else..?

AnYwAyS though!

I really like writing stories so i thought i'd find somewhere to share it!

My stories are still really childish, i mean they're horrible- they look like a 5 year old wrote it XD so yeah, ignore the childishness in my stories, ill start posting once i get an idea where, or ill post on the blog area, please tell me if im doing this right :(

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Morpheus4567 Morpheus4567 3 January 2021

January 2021

Morpheus.exe has stopped working. Try again later or play that little dinosaur game while he restarts. Thank you for your patience.

2020 was a perfect storm. I've had some personal struggles with mental stability (haven't we all?). But the point is, I'll be back. I'm planning a return. It just might still be a while. Take care of yourselves.

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Morpheus4567 Morpheus4567 26 May 2020

US 50 chp 2 thoughts

Chapter Two has been uploaded, and the end of chapter one was cleaned up a little.

I've been trying to write more frequently, but I have a lot of priorities and this might continue to be a slow burn. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it. Next chapter is coming soon! I hope to finish it within a month.

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Morpheus4567 Morpheus4567 24 March 2020

my thoughts on the Hilbert Hotel

The Hilbert Hotel is finished. The arc of that story is done. There is a sequel of sorts, but it takes place in a larger universe with other characters. It's a story all its own.

I do intend to rewrite the story, but I'll be leaving it alone for a while, to let it cool off. I know it must have been confusing if you didn't know the lore, so that's a problem that I'll have to address. That's a lesson I have learned as a rookie writer. I might write Levy's perspective on it to shed more light on what actually happened at the Hilbert Hotel, but that would be even shorter, and probably would have to fit into a different story.

Anyway, for now, I am pleased to announce that my first story on I Love Writing Wiki has been completed!

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DJ Wolfy7 DJ Wolfy7 28 November 2019

My Life

Today is Thanksgiving. We're going over to Aunt Kelly's house for a feast with family and friends. That's not what I wanted to talk about, though. Have you ever looked up to the stars and wondered, "What's my destiny in life? Who am I disired to be with?" I have done this many times, for I have a perfect veiw of the sky out my window. I've always found nature astoundingly beautiful, and I wish to become a photographer. I would take pictures of this beautiful world when I have free time from working on the farm, writing my books, and completeing commisions for my art buisness. I doubt that will ever happen for a long time, because my parents probably won't ever get me my own camra. Yesterday, I marveled at the amazing background of my compu…

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Endercat TM Endercat TM 19 November 2019

Regarding mainspace pages


I just want to point out: mainspace pages are for stories. If you want to create a page regarding non-story-like information, please make a blog post about it as opposed to creating a page for it. If not, it will be deleted. Make sure to re-read the guidelines or the "New to the Wiki" page, it may have some information there. If not, feel free to contact me! I may not be very active here but I definitely reply to threads in a shorter amount of time.

Have fun editing!


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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 9 June 2019

Where do you get your ideas?

Anyone that has been professionally published in one manner or another, such as novelist, screenplay writer, or writer for a TV show, has probably been asked the question, "How do you get your ideas?" Many times, the answer is, "I don't know. They just come to me."

It's not an answer people expect to hear. They want a more concrete answer so they can be encouraged to try and duplicate some of that author's success. But sometimes, that's actually how it happens.

I also don't have concrete answers, but I do have some tips and ideas about how you can get your own ideas. I'll share what I know and we'll see if it helps point anyone in the right direction. I may update this blog later, but we'll start with what I can think of right now.

  1. Read books…
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Fangirl1418 Fangirl1418 23 May 2019

Writing tips for arguments.

Hurtful words characters use when they’re fighting:

  • “I hate you!”
  • “I don’t need you.”
  • “You’re useless.”
  • “No one would miss you.”
  • “You’re pathetic.”
  • “I don’t care about you. No one does.”
Hope this helps.
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Morpheus4567 Morpheus4567 19 May 2019

Morpheus' blog, post 4

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have done it! The page U. S. Route 50 has been created with its very first chapter, and there's more where that came from, as soon as I can find the time to write it. This has been a long time coming, so glory be to God, it's done (or rather, it's begun!). It's far from perfect, but it's a great start.

I'm currently accepting any and all criticism; anything to improve the story.

Right now I am exhausted but rejoicing, simultaneously raising a toast to the human spirit and wiping my sweaty brow. Writing is way harder than I thought it would be, and boy, do I respect all you guys on this site for fighting the good fight. "Let us go forward together."

So there you have it; I'm back.

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OakfurXTrees OakfurXTrees 11 March 2019

Explicit Poem

This poem doesn't rhyme. I couldn't be bothered to make it rhyme anyway XD

Tough times are always around the corner

Happiness levels drop to zero

Everyone turns on you.

Will you ever see a smile again?

Or will those bitchy girls continue to bully you?

Real friends don't exist anymore.

Life isn't worth living.

Do you even know why you try?

Is that next-door neighbor going to come to your house again?

Snaking up those stairs...

Cover your sorrow, nobody cares.

Really afraid, aren't you?

Under your bedsheets, you cry...

Every day...

Life is pain.

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Morpheus4567 Morpheus4567 11 March 2019

A Look Over that Horizon, and Hope!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel obligated to apologise about my own lack of activity. The bad news is that I have not posted anything on here in a while, aside from some recent doggerel; so, I am sorry for that. The good news is that said lack of activity has been spent feverishly working on a project which went from being a short story to essentially a book. I just can't seem to do anything on a small scale. This new story shows a whole lot of potential, so I've been trying to pin down every detail of the continuity before I begin posting chapters. Frankly it's a mess right now, but there's a thread of a story I'm sniffing out and it'll all be uncovered soon. Stay tuned and don't miss a single issue!

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EarthlingnAkumi EarthlingnAkumi 22 May 2018

editing with me eyes cllllosed

k y'all so i esd foinh this think ehrtr i dsif "i vsn fo eiki rfiyihng with my eyes closed@ let's fined out. lolol

[[[[ lvl 1 ==

ll 'tjhis is bold'

this is italics

rhis is underkube


k y'all so i thought to myself "i can do wiki editing with my eyes closed!" let's find out. lolol

this is bold

this is italics

this is underline

i did decent

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Endercat TM Endercat TM 14 November 2018

My activity (sorry)

Dear ILWW community,

I am sorry for being super inactive. It takes time to write stories, and I am busy.

Feel free to contact me anyway!

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Endercat TM Endercat TM 19 October 2018

2 weeks :)

Hello ILWW community!

I am on a 2 week vacation, meaning my activity will go up :)

Please contact me if needed!


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Endercat TM Endercat TM 17 September 2018

My activity

Dear Users,

I am sorry for being inactive lately. I have been busy and writing stories take time. I will write some stories, but currently, I am very busy responding to messages on Fandom and being lit. If you have a question, do not hesitate to ask!

I will try and "up" my activity, but it might not be possible. I will try though!

ECTM (Stan Endercat TM, we only stan queens here.)

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 15 September 2018

Advice from Wil Wheaton

Wil Wheaton is an actor and writer who'll you recognize from Star Trek: The Next Generation. He has many blogs about writing, and here's some from his blog on wrapping up a novel:

  • He received feedback from his beta readers that he had to work on the ending "because it just ... sort of ... ends. Abruptly." He worked on it but didn't have any success because he was "randomly flipping over mental rocks, and expecting to find the ending, fully formed, sitting there waiting for me". He had to commit to a deadline he'd stick to, and write as many endings as needed until one fit.
  • This leads to advice about being an actor: sometimes he does a scene that he thinks will be wrong just to confirm it's wrong. That helps find what will be right for the sce…
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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 15 September 2018

Advice from G.R.R. Martin

This page on writing advice is going to start with advice that's indirectly from George R.R. Martin. He is (in)famously known for having writer's block, where you just get stuck or something else happens in your life and you don't devote time to continuing the story.

In Martin's case, it's led to a unique situation where the novels for his A Song of Ice and Fire series will finish being adapted into the HBO series Game of Thrones in 2019 before the last two novels are done. HBO is able to do this because they got notes from Martin about what he planned for book #6 and #7.

The first three novels were released two years apart, then it was five years for book #4 and six for book #5. As of today, we're at 7+ years for book #6 with no announced publi…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 15 September 2018

Review: One Last Adirondack Summer

There's another site I participate in where I occasionally do movie and book reviews. Here's the first repost of one from January:

Just minutes ago, I finished One Last Adirondack Summer by Heidi Sprouse. It’s about two friends that met when they were about eight, always spending their summers together, and always being there for each other, no matter what. They are so close that they become blood brothers and a part of each other’s families. On many occasions, John’s family helps Tommy more than Tommy's own family does.

When John gets a call from Tommy with four simple words in it, John drops everything to go see his friend. At the hospital, Tommy makes his request: get him out so they can spend one last summer together.

The book’s pretty emot…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 15 September 2018

Advice from other writers

Everyone learns by finding out what other people have done in the area they're interested in. For writing, there are many famous authors we can learn from.

This is going to be an ongoing series of blogs where I add new authors and update information from ones included before, so if you want to be notified that something's changed, click on the "Follow" button at the bottom and you should get a notice through email that something changed. Pick and choose which authors you're interested in reading their advice.

Authors in this series:

  • G.R.R. Martin
  • Wil Wheaton
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Endercat TM Endercat TM 24 August 2018


Hi community! I have been thinking about promoting this awesome wiki to writers on community central. Any ideas on persuasive content to make writers come and join our small community? Endercat TM (talk) Content and Discussion Mod

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Morpheus4567 Morpheus4567 5 August 2018

Morpheus' blog post 2

Hello everybody who's reading this! Going forward, rather than making all of these stories chapters of "The Legend of Michael and Wolf" (which could get confusing), there will be several stories continued separately, such as "New World Order", which are more or less self-contained. They do take place in the same universe, however, thus the category "The Legend of Michael and Wolf", which will be including all of my stories that take place in this universe.

Also, if you haven't heard the song Crime of the Century, find it and listen to it. It's amazing and a perfect theme for "New World Order". The lyrics I wrote down don't look exactly right to me, but those are the lyrics according to Google, so that's what I'm going with.
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Morpheus4567 Morpheus4567 19 July 2018

About The Legend of Michael and Wolf

For now this blog will include some brief notes about the stories I post and a teaser for upcoming chapters. The characters Michael and Wolf are basically the only thing some of these stories will have in common--thus the rather boring title (oh well it does the job). The prologue was set in the modern day, while the story inside the prologue was set in the Middle Ages. These next few chapters will be set sometime in the future unless otherwise specified. And now for the teaser.

The Legend of Michael and Wolf---The Prisoner (Part 1) Concrete walls on every side. No windows. Didn't that used to be illegal? Not having any windows? Oh well. Nothing's illegal for them anymore. I was condemned to this damn penitentiary for just d…
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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 1 July 2018

Embrace, don't chase: Adaptation abounds, part 2

The philosophy of these blogs is "Everything is adaptation". It's impossible to list every type of adaptation because of it. But here are some examples that you may not realize are adaptations.

  • 1 Literature and storytelling
    • 1.1 Coloring books
  • 2 Fables, fairy tales and folklore
  • 3 Adapting stories professionally
    • 3.1 Rewriting your work

Stage name, pen name, pseudonym, married name, professional name, nickname, pet name: Changes to how you identify yourself.

Sequel, prequel, mid-quel, spin-off, remake, reboot, reimagined, inspired by a true story, based on actual events: Taking an existing story and changing it to re-tell the same story or add onto that story.

Parody, homage, allusion, mashup: adapting your idea to reference another story, person, place o…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 1 July 2018

Embrace, don't chase: Adaptation abounds, part 1

The philosophy of these blogs is "Everything is adaptation". It's impossible to list every type of adaptation because of it. But here are some examples that you may not realize are adaptations. Part 2 covers topics related to writing, as well as resources about professionally adapting stories.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Our home
  • 3 Biology and behavior
    • 3.1 Bus stop to nowhere
  • 4 Movies, TV and acting
  • 5 Music
  • 6 Comic books
  • 7 Communication
  • 8 Technology
  • 9 References

To the right are examples of a basic idea: types of food, footwear and a logo for a company. They are all distinctly different from each other but they all share the same source. Each one is an adaptation of that basic idea.

Cooking is a universal adaptation that everyone is familiar with. The simple act of making…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 1 July 2018

Embrace, don't chase: Things that damage your fan fiction

In the blog about getting your fan fiction accepted, I talked about how fan fiction can become spam. To prevent that, you don't go from wiki to wiki, plastering your fan fiction everywhere. It needs to be kept separate from the official information and you need to make sure that where you do put it is appropriate. If you spam your fan fiction, it can damage your reputation and then people won't want to read it because you're being a nuisance.

There are other things that can damage your reputation to the point people might not want you around any more: abusing multiple accounts and inventing information.

  • 1 Multiple accounts
  • 2 Abusing multiple accounts
  • 3 Inventing information can earn you a bad reputation
  • 4 Conclusion

Having more than one account is a…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 1 July 2018

Embrace, don't chase: Fan fiction or false information?

As covered in other blogs in this series, fan fiction is something we need because it's a form of creativity that can lead to new stories, ideas and inventions. A lot of it is mixed in with the facts about a subject and it's not identified as fan fiction, so it gets treated as false information.

  • 1 Definition
  • 2 For the fans
  • 3 For administrators

The simplest definition of false information is lying. If you add fan fiction that you don't say is fan fiction, that's a type of lying where you don't mean any harm by it because you just want to add something you like. If you add information that you know is wrong, that's deliberate lying and it will be viewed as vandalism, which will damage your fan fiction.

The middle ground is what people who want to ad…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 1 July 2018

Embrace, don't chase: Don't crush their dreams

This blog, "Don't crush their dreams", could just as easily be called "The lost cause". This is something every administrator is going to come across: the point where you have to make a decision as to whether a user can stay on a wiki. It's the point where harm now could change into potential good.

With vandals and trolls, it's usually easy to see the harm they're doing. The decision that they don't need to be there any more is also easy. If your wiki has a block policy, then you've got a standardized way of dealing with the level of disruption they're causing. If you don't have one, make one. Look at the block policy of the Phineas and Ferb Wiki for ideas on what topics to cover and how to deal with them.

The people that are adding fan fict…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 1 July 2018

Embrace, don't chase: Where fan fiction is welcomed

Other articles in this series have talked about where you shouldn't add fan fiction, so this one will cover some of the places where it is allowed and would be welcomed. It obviously can't be a complete list of fan fiction wikis, but it will help you get started and show some of the interesting variations I've come across.

To start off, I'll repeat what I said before: blogs. It's generally allowed that you can put whatever you want in there as long as it doesn't violate the wiki's rules and policies. To get there, move your mouse over your avatar at the top of the page, then click on View Profile and then click on the Blog button.

You'll be able to start a new blog there and you can add your fan fiction character or story idea. If you put a …

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 1 July 2018

Embrace, don't chase: Getting your fan fiction accepted

So you've got your idea for a character or story you want to be a part of a show or movie or book series that you like. You want to share it with the world. But you do and you get stomped on because of it. Why does this happen?

Some of it comes how you share it and some of it comes from what administrators have to deal with. Before we get to the first, let's cover the second.

  • 1 What administrators deal with
  • 2 What if your fan fiction isn't well received?
  • 3 How to add your fan fiction the better way
    • 3.1 Don't go charging in
    • 3.2 Keep it separate
    • 3.3 Accept it's fan fiction
    • 3.4 Don't let it get you down
    • 3.5 Wait for your audience
    • 3.6 Fan fiction spam
    • 3.7 Learn how to do it better
    • 3.8 Fill in the Edit Summary box
  • 4 Recap

Administrators have to deal with a wide variety …

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 1 July 2018

Embrace, don't chase: Common fan fiction mistakes

In dealing with fan fiction over the years, I've seen some common themes in what people have created. These should only be considered mistakes if a person is trying to pass off their fan fiction as a fact. For example, inventing a sequel for a movie. If they don't identify it as fan fiction, then it usually gets treated as false information.

For everyone else that is honest about their fan fiction, use this list of mistakes to avoid with reasons why so you can figure out how to make it better.

  • 1 Not saying up front that it's fan fiction
  • 2 Not filling out the details
    • 2.1 Immediately abandoning your fan fiction
  • 3 Verbatim copies
  • 4 Every movie or book will have a sequel
  • 5 Very specific release dates
    • 5.1 Home video releases
    • 5.2 Real world event: cancellation a…

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RRabbit42 RRabbit42 1 July 2018

Embrace, don't chase: Everything is adaptation

How do you like my adaptation? I know, it's not very good. I couldn't get Kaylee's or Shepherd Book's skin quite right, I didn't have metallic color pencils to do Serenity cargo area in the background properly, and Book's cloak was actually black instead the light gray I used.

Maybe I should try again.

How about my other adaptation? That's my Perry the Platypus Piggy Bank. I made it based off the show Phineas and Ferb. It's actually the second one I made. One of my co-workers bought the first one for her grandson. Someday, I'd like to make more and see if I can send them to the show's creators as a gift.

You might be wondering why I am calling a page from a coloring book and a hand-made toy adaptations. That's because they are. The first picture…

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Vocaloid Rin Vocaloid Rin 13 June 2018

I'm New Here!

Hi! I'm Vocaloid Rin! You can call me Rin! I like to write blogs and make Creepypasta stories and characters! I mostly love to write stories of Creepypasta characters that I fome up with while I write the stories. I have a huge creative mind. I like and dislike it though. lol When i need to use my creativw mind for something, my mind goes blank. When I don't need to use it for something, I am writing stories. I once made a few stories that actually seemed like plays that I've created. I'm not a book author or play writer. That is something that I am not even close to. Yet I am good at making Creepypasta characters' stories. lol

I have wrote about some Creepypasta characters and their stories. I have created them, made their stories, and pos…

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EarthlingnAkumi EarthlingnAkumi 27 May 2018

Using templates

Hello! I'm super happy that recently I've been seeing more users on the wiki. I don't know where you all have been coming from, but I just want to say thank you so much! For everything.

But there's one trend I've been noticing with these new users - categorization.

All of these new stories have a problem in which they don't have the . However, it seems like some are not getting the message. I try to be nice and not go immediately to scolding or messaging on walls, but unfortunately, if you can not listen to the policies and categorize your stories with the template, I'm afraid that I'll have to start scolding.

Of course, no one would ever get say, a long ban for something like that, but if you don't listen to what myself or another admin says…

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ShutinOtaku ShutinOtaku 26 April 2018


Sonoko Bot is good to be botted.

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EarthlingnAkumi EarthlingnAkumi 13 April 2018

Adopting this wiki

Hello current editors of this wiki!

I recently found this wiki and noticed that there were no active administrators - the last one was Bloody18, and that was on January 23, making them considered inactive by wikia's standards. Yikes.

So I was thinking, "Hey, maybe I could adopt the wiki!". So I need you all to decide whether you would like me as admin or not. I plan to make some changes to the wiki, (currently it's a mess).

I haven't met all of the requirements yet, but by the time this blog post is a week old I probably will have.

If any current admins would like to oppose this idea, feel free to do so. I just don't want to see this wiki go downhill.

I hope, if I do become admin (and even if I don't) that I will be able to turn this wiki around a…

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Shandow and cat Shandow and cat 8 August 2017

The Crazy Girl

The Crazy Girl. It was morning and the day is cloudy, a brown-haired girl was listening to music while her mother was driving and her two younger brothers were fighting back. In that he realizes that they happened to some men but it does not take importance to him until they stop in a port with padlock. The woman lowered the keys trying to open that door while a dark man, who smoked a cigarette, saw it until another man came but he was obese. She looked at them seriously but inside she wanted to scream, cry and drive away those men from her mother, that's when her mother gets up and says something and then go to the car and leave as fast as there are those men. The minutes passed and these men followed behind them until the wheel deflated …

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Burger Mob Burger Mob 31 July 2016

The Return!

I am back, and ready to roll! Just a heads up, I'll mostly be posting poems from now on. I MIGHT post a short story here or there, but It'll be mostly just poetry from me.


Ken Johnson (A.K.A. Burger Mob)

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Bluestar&Brightheart Bluestar&Brightheart 4 June 2016

all my blogs are like this

har har why did this publish before i wrote anything

anyways hi i'm brighty and idk do y'all remember me. yeah well hey i'm here and i've written a ton since i've been gone and i'll probably post here and what not

summer's coming up and i wanna finish my actual original novel so yeah thought i'd come back

gonna re-do my userpage and everything bc i looked and it and choked it's awful



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Burger Mob Burger Mob 23 April 2016

All Too Soon

Hello, friends alike, I've written this blog to inform you I'm taking temporary leave from I Love Writing Wiki.

I​I'll be back soon, but school has gotten in the way of me contributing regularly on this grand place.

I'm not mad at anyone, I just need time to get the gears running again.


Ken Johnson (A.K.A Burger Mob) 

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Leopardclawxx Leopardclawxx 5 March 2016

Wiki Revamp Responses

Rather than add to the grossly long nonsense of the other post, I thought I'd compile response here into a definitely going, maybe and definitely yes list. Please, please comment on your thoughts on any of these things, as any ideas as to improvements or volunteers to run stuff is appreciated. The 'scores' you see are the ration of yes / no, in that order, though I haven't scored the maybes as I'd like to discuss them further. 

Featured User: 0 / 4

Adoption: 0 / 4

Writing help: 1 / 3 


Reviews (run by Bird)

Writing Club: 4 / 0

Discussion Week: 4 / 0

Writing Competition (run by Rmjii)


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IRmjii IRmjii 1 March 2016


Guess who's back.
It's IRmjii and he is about to attack.
Look out for me here.
I'm here to stay so let's av' a beer.

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Leopardclawxx Leopardclawxx 20 February 2016

Wiki-wide Revamp

Hullo chaps, long time without a blog from me, huh? Well, recently Bird has brought it to my attention that this place is dying a slow death. I've seen wikis die before, and I'm not about to give up on this one totally yet. I know everyone's busy, so am I, but if every user, from the oldest to newest help, I believe we can breathe a little life back into this damn site yet. 

My first proposition is this - we go through all the current projects, weeks, whatever and take a vote on whether we want to keep them. Hence why I've made a blog - I reckon a forum would get too messy. Below I've made a bullet list of all the projects etc and their current aims. In your comment, please list all the project names again and next to them, vote on whether …

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Doctor714 Doctor714 11 February 2016

Story 1: Chapter One

Rumors. There are rumors everywhere. At schools. At work. On social media. On the news. Everywhere. Rumors. Here in the year 2165, there are lots of rumors. One rumor that’s spoken everyday now is about a rebellion. I don’t know what for, just that there’s plans for a rebellion that will supposedly happen on July 15, two days before I turn 13. Who am I? Well, let me tell you about myself.

My name is Jack Wilson. I was born in Scotland on July 17, 2152, almost 13 years ago. When I was 5 years old, me and my parents moved to the United States. We moved to a small house in Denver. Colorado. We still live in that house. I like it. It’s just big enough for the three of us, and it looks nice, both on the inside and the outside. I don’t have very …

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Doctor714 Doctor714 11 February 2016


Hi everyone! I am new to this wiki. I am on other wikis, but I decided to check this one out. I am currently writing 1 or 2 stories at the moment. They are both novels and original ideas of mine. I haven't continued one of them since the end of November 2015, the other in a week or two. I am 16 years old. I will post one of my two stories in separate blogs. Each chapter of it will be in separate blogs, no matter how long the chapter is. I will wait to see what everyone thinks of each chapter before posting the next one.

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Birdpaw Birdpaw 2 February 2016


I've been writing since I was 13, (I practically grew up with some people on the wiki)

And I think I've decided to publish my stories, see what can happen out of it right?

But if there's one thing this lovely wiki is lacking it's people actually taking the time to comment and critique on stories to help the writers on this wiki to improve their writing, I know that we don't have many users, but we do have small ways to do this with our numbers, say, the Review Stories, am I the only one that still remembers that? I legit used it recently, and have been patiently waiting.

As much as the 'This is gr8 story love it' is nice and all, it doesn't help me improve for the reader, I want the reader to enjoy the story, live the story, understand the ch…

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IRmjii IRmjii 29 January 2016

I love this wiki.....but i also love not getting my backside kicked by other people.

Just a quick message to say to you guys
Don't worry i won't be saying any goodbyes.

Life is taking over me more and more.
To the point where everyday feels like a chore.

Some days i am too busy to write
Because most days is a boxing fight.

Life is hard i know.
And one day a spark will glow.

Ok i'm exaggerating a bit.
But one day i may have a fit.

I'm growing old don't you see.
So work and education doesn't really fill me with glee.

Anyways the point is i need to say.
I will be absent right up until possibly May.

I'm taking a short break don't you fear.
See you soon in about a year.

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Flanimal4114 Flanimal4114 7 January 2016

Story of the week

so if there isn't a real apge for ths, ill just do ab log for it and soon will do more fun things too.

so im going to do a story of the week thing and a newsletter (if i dont get shut down first) im a noob i know but here goes. yoiu can vote below for your fav and if i dont have one you want you can say so and ill fix it :D

its is done on recently edited, and resalts will be published in my blog newsletter thing :) resolts on the sunday

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Bramblestar2521 Bramblestar2521 8 December 2015

Easter Eggs in Xmas!


Okay, so here's the thing. Has anyone been noticing a little note in their Profile pages which is not your own edit? That's right, there has been a user leaving easter eggs all over the place!

It's not me, but my friend Ivy has been leaving her signiture X'mas greeting phrase all over the wiki. If found, please collect 10 different phrases, then write on my wall. First user to find 10 phrases will get an original X'mas-themed song from me. Plus (if I want to xP), you can participate in my next ReynaJ music video as VO.

Phrases will range from X'mas, Hannuka, christmas festive things and Chinese new year. Please have fun!

Here's a starter phrase:

Let it gooo~ Ivy (B)


Ivy and Bramble

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BeautifulSnowfur BeautifulSnowfur 22 October 2015

I'm A n00b To Dis Wikia

Hi! My name is obviously Snowfur!

XD But you can call me Skye because that sounds like a cool name and it has to do with my story that I'm writing and I couldn't think of anything better.

I come from the Warriors Fanfic Wikia, so I'm pretty acquainted with Wikia. But then I decided that I also wanted to write other stories, where the main characters are not cats, so here I am! 

So if you feel like it, comment and tell me your name and anything else about yourself that you might want to add! 

Oh oh oh! *claps* One more thing. I'm a huuge fan of Taylor Swift! And since she's so famous I'm hoping that there are some fellow Swifties on this wiki that I can fangirl with. So, if you're a Swiftie and you're going to comment, it would make me weeeally…

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DanChan123 DanChan123 16 September 2015

TFO Story Idea/Notes

Request to the wiki staff: I put this content in a blog post because you didn't list "story brainstorming pages" under the OK list next to stories, etc. Since blog chat expires, I want to put this somewhere where I can edit it often and get infinite comments, like an article page. If its okay, I would like this to go as an article. Answer me via talk page.

Warning: While the possibility may vary, the content on this page may become the seed of a great story that people might not want spoiled. While I the future (depending on whether I want to go through this or not) author of this maybe-story, DanChan123, doesn't really care much about that right now, read at your risk. I am mainly looking for constructive advice to help make my epic story i…

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