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Bird watching is my only passion that I will never give up. I love watching them singing smoothly and flying in the clear sky, like they're dancing. I always wish that I could be a bird who can fly with them to wherever I want to go! That's why I am a birdwatcher, to be with them all the time, and now I have all the required materials to observe their every single move closely!

Today, I was bird watching at the park. It was a warm spring day, so it was perfect for observing different birds. I sat on a bench and looked through my binoculars to spot any type of bird in the area.

I looked up, and saw a cardinal with red feathers and a black mask. I was so amazed. I had found my first bird of the day.

I got up and followed the cardinal fly across the sky. I stopped following as it landed on a nearby tree.

As I watched through my binoculars, the cardinal regurgitated a meal for the two hungry chicks nesting halfway up the left branch of the tree.

I just had to capture the sight of the cardinal, so I grabbed my camera and took a quick picture of it before it flew away.

As I walked along the park, I wondered what other birds I could find. As I looked throughout my binoculars, I saw a flock of blackbirds and a pair of sparrows.

As I passed by a nearby pond, I saw a robin. I instantly took a picture of it, and as I studied it, I thought to myself that robins are very pretty birds, and I liked the splash of red across its breast.

As I studies and captured a picture of the last bird I found, a red-throated sparrow, I began to think how amazing today was. As I got home, I uploaded the photos I took on the Internet and posted them on my blog for everyone to enjoy.

As a birdwatcher, I enjoy seeing my friends in the clouds, singing and soaring free.

If there were any words to describe my experiences, it would be one word: Satisfying.