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Author: Honey
Type: Poems
Rating: Safe
Status: Complete
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None
Beauty has been written for the I Love Writing Club for the month of January with the prompt plastic surgery. Why not check out some of the other Writing Club stories?


Mommy always said:

“Pain is beauty.”

So I took it to heart.

Everytime I plucked and scrubbed

Myself to perfection.


I craved attention

Wanted boys to look twice

And holler for my number.

But I never got a cat call,

Or a sign of interest.


So, God as my witness,

I changed myself.

Went under the knife

To get affection

Or the slightest smile.


Mother looked at me with bile.

“You’re different, you’re changed.”

“It hurts, like you said.”

“This isn’t what I meant.”

She never looked at me the same again.


Is it over then?

My chance of happiness?

Always wanted a man beside me,

Happy to have me,

Cherishing his beautiful woman.


‘Maybe I’m just human’

I tell myself,

Holding a different knife.

This one will change me for good,

And only God will know my real face.


It’s all just a race

Too see who will finish first.

Except for a trophy,

It’s unhappiness

And death.