Assassins Revenge was written by Hayleerhouse.

Sadly, it has been abandoned, so no more updates will be posted.

Assassins Revenge

Author: One Of Our Users
Type: unknown
Genre(s): unknown
Rating: unknown
Status: unknown
Series: None
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Authors Note

Okay this is rated mature because of:

  1. Violence
  2. Gore
  3. Crude Humur
  4. Swearing
  5. Suggestive Themes
  6. Disturbing Scenes
  7. Explicit Content

So basically all the good stuff ;) Note that the explicit content won't be going to any extremes or anything. This is not fifty shades of gray :P Enjoy :D


Chapter 1

The boat swayed gently, slicing through the water like a sword through flesh. The wind tasted of salt and caused the mast to whip through the air as if performing a dance.

It was a large ship, not one of your fishing boats. No this was a boat meant for months of travel and that is what it seen. For it had been months since I hhad first stepped on the wooden deck and now our journey was near an end.

Many a people who had been unsatisfied with their own kingdoms came to form a new one here in open territory. A new start. All of us had our reasons for leaving, be it debt, seeking of adventure, religion or for some just a chance to get their lives back on track. Why have I come? That was something that no one was to find out. A secret that I would keep enclosed within myself until the day my eyes closed and the Rhine brought me into his holy kingdom.

I was making the journey without the knowing of anyone else on board the ship. I hadn't a husband nor a child or pet to call my own. No parents or grandparents to step into this new life with me. Not even a friend to make this venture less tendious. I was completly alone and though I would never say, it bothered me deeply. Perhaps given my occupation such a matter shouldn't be a bother but it was-is and I have no one to tell. Maybe in this new land I could make an effort to be a bit more social, make a friend or two. If my job allowed that is...

Then again, who knew if I would indeed be keeping my job. It would be the monarchs decision and he didn't know me at all, probably hadn't even payed me a second glance. Well he probably looked at me, almost every man did due to the gracious appearance the Rhine saw fit to give me, but he saw not what I wished him to. He saw a possible courting in the making but not a loyal and deadly servant. That would have to change. I couldn't be underestimated, not now, not here.

I glared at the the water, watching it lap against the boat and wondering if maybe coming here had been a mistake.

Turning my gaze to the many men, women and children talking, laughing and working among each other, I've never felt more out of place. Its to late to go back now. I mutter to myself gloomily.

Suddenly a voice shouts "land ho!" and the chatter among the boat rises in volume as people squeal in excitment.

We're here, I thought feeling some of the tension ease from my muscles. We're here.

Chapter 2