I Love Writing Wiki

I always wonder

If anyone sees me as I am.

Some people say I'm a waste of space,

While others disagree.

I don't really care about

What other people say.

Some accept me as I am

Others just walk away.

Everyone should know

That being different isn't a bad thing.

For everyone knows that

I am strong,

I am forgiving,

I am kind,

I am gentle.

I am me.

And I know that, too.

I am not willing to change for anyone else.

I always try day by day

And I know that I'm nice,

I'm friendly,

And kind.

I always stay healthy

And when someone needs me, I'll be there.

I never complain

I keep my house clean

I always use good manners.

I'm smart enough to choose the things I do

I try and help who I can

I stand up for what I feel

And never worry about how I fit in with a crowd.

I know I'm not perfect,

But I'm perfect as I am.

And I wonder

If people around me think

They're perfect as they are, too.