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There was a time we took a break from our busy lives

And left our busy neighborhoods

To have a campout with our friends

For a while in the quiet woods.

Although summer is a wonderful season,

It comes and goes a little too fast.

We decided to take it nice and slow

And enjoy it before it passed.

Summer is the season for adventures

With warm lakes and clear blue skies,

And I remember the time we decided

We weren't going to let it slip by.

It was a beautiful summer night

That was as perfect as we had desired

For we were sitting with our friends

Around the warm campfire.

Both stars and fireflies

Were lighting up the night

It was such a beautiful sight to see.

It made our eyes dance with delight.

There was something special about the campfire,

It drew us in with its magic and heat

And encouraged conversation, music, and intimacy

Which we thought was very sweet.

We all sat around the campfire

On a long, comfortable log.

We were lucky there were only six of us.

Five people and a loyal dog.

We spend the night around the campfire

Roasting marshmallows and telling stories

As the fire burned with passion

And surpassed us all with its flaming glory.

We all sang some campfire songs

As someone strummed a guitar.

And before the fire began to die down,

We relaxed and gazed at the stars.

All of us had a wonderful time

And the fire was such a beautiful sight.

Even though we could do it again some other time,

We'll always remember this special night.