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My name is Roxy Gold, I'm 16-years-old and I live in Los Angeles, California with my 3 older siblings, who are triplets, and my mother. This is how my life did a 180 in one day.

Chapter 1: Monsters!!!

I frowned as I pulled on my gym clothes (a blue sapphire short-sleeved t-shirt, black athletic shorts, and jonquil yellow converse high tops), I tied my wavy, choppy, shoulder-length chestnut brown hair into a pony-tail with a blue-green scrunchie. Beside me, my best friends, Alex Smyth and Leslie James were tying their shoes while they sat on the bench in the middle of our locker room. I watched as the other girls walked out of the heavy blue metal door in the identical school-issued gym uniform. When Alex and Leslie were ready we too exited the locker room being the last out.

"All right cupcakes today we'll be playing dodgeball separate into two teams"! Coach Hedge was 5'0" tall and really buff with beady eyes and a wispy goatee, he wore an orange polo shirt, nylon workout pants, white Nikes, a baseball cap, a whistle was around his neck, a baseball bat, and a megaphone. I rolled my eyes as Coach Hedge made Leo Valdez captain #1, and Piper McLean, captain #2. Leo Valdez winked at me and called my name. I trudged over and stood behind him.

Across from me in Piper's group was Violet and Jamie, two girls who seemed to think that it was their life purpose to make my life a living hell. Violet and Jamie flashed me sickly sweet smiles and I responded by flipping them off, rage-filled their eyes and before they could do anything Coach Hedge emptied the mesh navy blue sports bag and papaya whip and maximum red-colored dodgeballs spilled out in the middle. Coach Hedge blew his whistle and we all rushed forward I managed to grab a ball, I positioned my self in the line of Jamie, I aimed my papaya whip colored dodge-ball at Jamie and threw it. Before it could hit her, Jamie caught it with her hand and it slowly deflated. Jamie and Violet both turned into monsters with flaming hair, white skin, red eyes, fangs, one prosthetic bronze leg, one donkey leg, and wings. All the teenage boys looked starstruck. I was so confused. "We usually don't go for girl's blood, but this time we'll make an exception". They both said in deep voices. I screamed as they charged at me and started running toward the cafeteria/gym doors. The heavy metal blue doors wouldn't no matter how hard I pushed on them. Before the monsters could reach me Coach Hedge leaped in front of me he had the bottom half of goat he swung his baseball bat in the direction of the two oncoming monsters and before they could be hit by the bat they disappeared in tow columns of flames.

Chapter 2: Camp Half-Blood

Coach Hedge grabbed my hand and pulled behind us Leo Valdez, Piper McLean, and Calypso Moonlace ran after us. Outside of the cafeteria/gym, I stopped dead in my tracks the adrenaline pumping had ended. "What the hell was that"!? I questioned. Before they could say anything I blacked out,

When I worked up I appeared to be in a hospital of sorts. "Oh good your up". A tall blonde boy said, he wore a white lab coat over an orange t-shirt, and navy blue shorts. "Who are you? And where am I"? I asked nervously. "I'm Will Solace, and your in the infirmary at Camp Half-Blood". He said. "Camp Half-Blood"? I asked confused. "You don't know, I'll them explain". I looked in the direction he was and saw my older siblings. Will Solace walked away as they approached. They stopped right next to me. "What is going on". I demanded. Garret, Breanna, and Holly explained that this was a Camp for Demigods, kids who were half god and half mortal, and that our father was Chrysos, Greek god of Gold and Golden Riches. Everything started to make sense, why my siblings disappeared so often, why they seemed to be hiding something whenever they came back from their frequent trips Manhattan, New York. "Why didn't you tell me all this"? I asked tear welled in my eyes. "You were safer when you didn't know the truth". Garret said. I blinked back tears. "We're truly sorry". Holly said. "Mhmm". I hummed my eyes were focused on the ground. Breanna lifted my head up with her hand. "Now you listen to me Roxanne Silvia Gold, we're sorry and we love you more than you know, now please be happy". I nodded and a small smile appeared on my face Holly kissed my forehead while Garret and Breanna kissed my cheeks. "Come on, we'll give you a tour".

An hour later the tour was over, our cabin was made of pure gold, the bed frames were also gold and the covers on the beds were the color of gold. I had 4 half-siblings, there were the triplet brothers Markel, Demarco, and Thomas Cabrera who are 15. And then there was a 9-year-old Sydney Parrish.

Chapter 3: Apollo

Apollo's POV

I was sitting in my throne on Olympus listening to Zeus drone on and on about something when I felt a pang in my heart. I gasped alerting the gods, they looked at me expectantly and I said, "The bracelet". Zeus looked at me with worry in his eyes and said, "You must go down and protect her". I nodded. "But what about my job"? I asked. "I will do it". My sister spoke up. "Thank you, Artemis". I said, she gave me a smile and I flashed to my palace and quickly packed a few bags.

I arrived at Camp Half-Blood and Chiron greeted me. "Lord Apollo, how can I be of service"? He asked. "I wish to see the girl who has claimed the bracelet". Chiron nodded with a grim expression. Chiron told Connor Stoll, son of Hermes to bring a girl called Roxy here. A few minutes later a girl with dark sienna skin, wavy choppy shoulder-length chestnut brown hair, hazel eyes with grey flecks, she had a pear shaped body and her breasts were 36D's; She wore a mardi gras purple side lace-up swimdress, silver flip flops, a silver necklace with a steel pendant with a hammer on the front and back, and platinum tear drop earrings. She was stunning. "Hey, Chiron, what did you need"? She asked the centaur with a dazzling white smile. "I just wanted to introduce you to Lord Apollo, he saw you from afar and wanted to meet you, I thought this was the best way to not draw attention to him". Chiron told her. She nodded. "I'm Roxanne Gold, Roxy to my friends, you may call me Roxy". She said and I shook her hand. Roxy smelled like Eucalyptus, Cypress Trees, Moss, Bayberry Trees, Incense, Patchouli, and Fir Trees. "I gotta go, Piper's waiting for me". Roxy said. "Wait, can we hang out later"? I asked her. "Yeah". Roxy said softly a light blush dusting her cheeks. I watched as she jogged down to the Lake.

Chapter 4: The Hang Out

Roxy's POV

Apollo had called me after dinner and we had arranged to meet by the woods after dinner. It was 5:00 p.m., I had until 6 to get ready for dinner. I walked into the bathroom and locked the door, I pulled off my swimsuit, kicked off my flip flops, and removed my jewelry placing my clothes in pile on the counter, I stepped into the shower and let the warm water wash over me. After my shower I got dressed in a indigo corset top made of rayon fabric, white denim short-shorts, indigo converse flats, a silver choker necklace with lotus flower pendant. My chestnut brown hair was in curls and I had put on some clear lip gloss. The conch horn blew signaling dinner, I walked out of my cabin and ran to dinner. The whole time I was eating dinner Apollo was staring at me and my face was totally red the whole time making my siblings and half-siblings tease me. After dinner I slowly separated from the group and made my way to the woods, the charms on my bracelet jingled as I walked. When I arrived Apollo was already there with a smirk on his face. "You look gorgeous". Apollo said. I didn't respond. "Is something wrong"? Apollo asked with a caring smile. "Only that my siblings teased me during dinner because I looked like a tomato due to your staring". I said bluntly. "Sorry"? Apollo said, but it came out more like a question. "Fine, I forgive you". Apollo's face lit up with a smile.

I followed Apollo through the forest and we stopped in the middle of a clearing that had maybe one or two trees. Before I could ask Apollo why we were here he waved his hand and it was like a veil had lifted, there were two weeping willows, white fairy lights hung in them, a checkered picnic blanket with a buffet of deserts, a laptop, and some blankets. "Is this a date"? I asked Apollo. He nodded. "You know if you wanted a date you could have just asked". I told him rolling my eyes. Apollo pulled me to the blanket and looked at my outfit, with a frown he snapped his fingers and my clothes changed into an over-sized yellow t-shirt with the word Sunshine on it in bold faded white letters, a pair of baggy gray sweat-pants, and light brown moccasin slippers. "That's better". Apollo said. I sat down on the blanket next to Apollo and he draped a red quilt over my shoulders and opened the laptop. A movie started playing, it was my favorite movie, The Pink Panther.

When the movie ended Apollo walked me back to my cabin and as curfew came near Apollo kissed me, I closed my eyes as he flashed away.

Chapter 5: Strange Dreams

I climbed into my bed, be careful not to wake my siblings and slowly drifted off to sleep. My dreams where strange:

I saw myself the same age I was know standing in a nursery leaning over a baby girl on the wall above her was the name Rylee Amber. The baby below me had warm coffee brown hair, tan skin, and sky-blue eyes. I was singing to her:

Where the north wind meets the sea
There's a river full of memory
Sleep, my darling, safe and sound
For in this river all is found

In her waters, deep and true
Lay the answers and a path for you
Dive down deep into her sound
But not too far or you'll be drowned

Yes, she will sing to those who'll hear
And in her song, all magic flows
But can you brave what you most fear?
Can you face what the river knows?

Where the north wind meets the sea
There's a mother full of memory
Come, my darling, homeward bound
When all is lost, then all is found.

I woke up in a cold sweat, I looked at my watch, it was 5:00 a.m., I was shaking from what I had dreamed, I climbed out of bed and went into the bathroom where I stripped off the clothes Apollo had put on me and stepped into the shower, the warm water rushed over me as I stood there trying to sort through my thoughts, was that dream real? I didn't know. I hated not knowing, not knowing things filled me with anxiety, I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body. I got dressed in a nylon white halter top, a black short skirt, and black converse high tops. I put my shoulder length hair in a high ponytail and put the bracelet on my wrist.

At breakfast I avoided making eye contact with Apollo and hardly ate anything on my plate despite the protests of my siblings. When breakfast ended I sprinted for my cabin but before I could make it half way Apollo stopped me by running in front of me. "Why are you avoiding me"? He demanded, I could see the hurt in his eyes. "Today is just not a good day". I mumbled. "I understand, do you want to talk about it"? He asked. "No". I said softly. "Hey Roxy"? I looked up at him. "Yes"? I whispered. "Will you be my girlfriend"? Apollo asked. "Of course". I said softly with a warm smile. Apollo hugged me.

Chapter 6: No more V-Card

It had been a rough couple of weeks and Apollo knew something was up, felt guilty for keeping that strange dream from him, but I couldn't very well tell him that I think that I was going to become pregnant with his child soon, very well, now could I? I twirled a strand of my chestnut locks as I sat by the lake staring into space and didn't notice that Apollo had sat down next to me until he said, "Hey". I started to get up but he pulled me back down. "What is going on with you lately Roxanne"?! Apollo demanded. I burst into tears. Apollo pulled me onto his lap and let me sob into his shoulder until I was ready to talk. "I had a dream a couple of weeks ago after our date, I dreamed of me no older than I was right now standing over a baby with tan skin, warm coffee brown hair, and sky-blue eyes just like yours, I was singing to her in a nursery and her name was on the wall, her name was Rylee Amber". I told him. Apollo's face broke into a grin and he pushed me off his lap, got up, and threw me over his shoulder, I closed my eyes as he started to flash away. When I opened my eyes we were in his room in the Big House. "There's something I haven't told you". Apollo said as we sat side by side on his bed. "The reason I came to Camp Half-Blood...was to protect you...to make sure nothing happened to my soulmate". He said looking at the floor. "Soulmate"? I asked. "Yeah, that bracelet, whoever is able to claim it is my soulmate, and that would be you". He explained. "So my dream..." I trailed off. "Was real". Apollo clarified. I was speechless. "I love you". Apollo mumbled. "I love you too, Apollo". I said. He looked up at me with happiness and tackled me on the bed. I giggled. I stared into Apollo's sky-blue eyes and he began kissing my neck and I ran a hand through his blonde hair. "I can stop-" I cut Apollo off and said, "Don't stop, Sunshine". I told him. "Okay". Apollo said. I propped myself up on my shoulders and pulled off my white tank top and tossed it aside, Apollo unclipped my gold colored lace bra, I leaned forward and pulled Apollo's shirt off revealing his 6-pack abs. Apollo straddled me and began to massage my breasts making me moan quitely. Apollo smirked as he began to suck on them drawing forth loud moans from me, when he was finished my nipples where pebble hard. Apollo started to cover my stomach with kisses as he made his way down to my bottom. When he got the there he unbutton my navy blue bermuda shorts and pulled them off my legs and tossed them aside, Apollo smirked when he saw me bitting my lip my eyes held a mix of fear and anxiousness, he pulled off my white mesh french-cut panties and tossed them aside, he smirked when he saw that I was wet, and stood up he unbuckled his pants and tossed them aside along with his boxers, his length was bigger than I expected, Apollo got on his knees and slowly pushed his member into me, I held in a scream as it ripped through my barrier, Apollo slowly started moving back and forth and soon we both climaxed his seeds filled my body, Apollo pulled out and layed down next to me. We were both panting and covered in sweat and on the white sheets was a few splashed of my blood. I couldn't believe I had just lost my virginity to my boyfriend who was a fricken GOD!!! Eventually Apollo and I both fell asleep cuddling each other.

Chapter 7: Running Away

It had been a few months since Apollo and I had sex and I was feeling funny, Apollo was back at Olympus, so I figured that maybe I just missed him so much that my body was rejecting the thought of eating. Then I started having weird cravings, I started craving ribs covered in barbecue sauce, but again I figured that maybe Breanna's nagging about eating more red meat had got to me and my body finally gave in. But when my clothes started getting tighter every week I went to the Aphrodite Cabin and asked Piper what she thought was going on after I told her all my symptoms. Piper suggested that maybe I was pregnant and gave me 4 pregnancy tests. I took them back to my cabin quickly and locked myself in the bathroom. I peed on each stick and waited 30 minutes before I checked. Every single pregnancy test was positive. I broke down crying. I heard a knock on the door. "Roxy is that you"? It was Holly. "Yeah". I responded trying to sound as normal as possible. "Are you okay"? She asked. "Yeah, I'm fine". I lied. I heard Holly walk away. I wiped the tears from my eyes and buried the pregnancy tests under the empty cosmetic containers in the trash. I walked out and of the bathroom and made a beeline for my bed, I pulled out my empty dufflebag and stuffed it with clothes, money, and toiletries. I put the packed bag back under my bed and went about the rest of my day.

After dinner I made up some excuse that I wasn't feeling well and headed for my cabin, inside I grabbed my bag and left my cabin. I managed to exit Camp Half-Blood without being caught. I started my long walk down the road.

Chapter 8: Roxy's Missing!!!!!!!

Apollo's POV

I was sitting on my throne as Zeus ranted on and on about something when suddenly an Iris Message appeared in front of me. A girl with the same dark sienna skin as Roxy was the caller. "Roxy's Missing". She stated as tears welled in her eyes. "What do you mean, Roxy's missing"!? I asked panic rising inside of me. "She ran away, I found four positive pregnancy tests in the trash, I'm worried not only is she pregnant, but she's out in the big scary world, and I don't know where she is, she's definitely not at our mother's place, I called, she wasn't there, you knocked her up, so please find my sister"! She pleaded. "I will find her. Your Holly, right"? I told her. "Yeah". She responded. "Roxy loves you more than you know". I told her. "Please find my sister". Holly said and ended the Iris Message.

I looked at my father and he nodded, I flashed to my palace and found Hecate waiting for me. She had pale white skin, long black hair, and sapphire blue eyes. I was about to walk right past her into my home when she said, "I can help find your girl, ya know". I turned around. "Interested"? She asked with a smirk. "Very". I confirmed and invited her in. "So, how can you help find Roxy"? I asked her as we sat down at the kitchen table. "Easy, she's pregnant, right"? She said. "Yeah, so"? I asked. "I just need a few drops of your blood, to scry with". I nodded and pulled out a pocket knife, I cut a diagonal line on my left hand and ichor covered the spot, Hecate spread a map out on the table and took a crystal attached to a string and covered it in my ichor. She hung it over the map and it started spinning out of control and landed on a bed and breakfast at 594 North Garden Rd. Buffalo, NY 14215. "Thanks, Hecate". She nodded and I flashed away. As I was about to walk into the bed and breakfast I spotted Roxy, she was just leaving. "Roxy"! I called, she looked at me and her eyes widened and she paled.

Chapter 9: The Confrontation

Apollo's POV

Before she could run away I used my godly speed and grabbed her wrist, forcing her to look at me. "Apollo, your hurting me". She said as tears welled in her eyes. I released her wrist to see a purplish-black bruise where my hand had been. "I'm sorry, Love". I said and ran my hand over the bruise making it and her pain disappear. "We need to talk". I said.

Roxy's POV

"We need to talk". Apollo said, I could see the hurt in his eyes and immediately felt guilty. I nodded with a grim expression and pulled him over to a bench that was under a few oak trees. "Why didn't you tell me that you were pregnant"? Apollo asked. "I didn't know how". I said avoiding eye contact. "I'm sorry Apollo, I truly am sorry". I mumbled. Apollo softly lifted my head up and made me look into his sky-blue eyes. "Come home with me, Love". He said. "O-Okay". I said. Apollo smiled, stood up, and helped me off the bench. "Close your eyes, Love". He told me, I squinted my eyes shut as he flashed us to Olympus. When we arrived I got an earful in Spanish from all three of my siblings. "Okay! Okay! I get it, guys"! I said with a giggle and my siblings all glared at me. "This is serious Roxanne, not only did you run away, but your pregnant, you were putting both you and your baby at risk of being killed". Breanna scolded me. "I'm sorry I ran away guys". I said softly, they all looked at me with guilt and embraced me in a hug.

Chapter 10: Meeting on Olympus

Roxy's POV

It had been a few weeks after I had ran away from Camp Half-Blood and Apollo refused to leave my side except when he had to, like drive the sun, and as a result, Apollo and I were summoned to Olympus. When we arrived Apollo led me to his throne and had me sit down on it while he stood. "Apollo, come back to Olympus". Lord Zeus said. "No". Apollo told him. "It was not a suggestion, Apollo, you will come back to Olympus". Lord Zeus told him. "No, not without Roxy". Apollo said. Zeus looked like he was about to say something when Lady Artemis said, "Apollo is right, monsters will be more attracted to her now that she is expecting, all in favor of Roxy moving to Olympus, raise your hand". Everyone except Zeus raised their hand. "Looks like it's settled, Roxy will move to Olympus". Lady Artemis said as she made eye contact with me. "Dismissed". Hera said. Everyone except Lady Artemis flashed away. "Thank you, Lady Artemis". I said. "To you, it is just Artemis". She said with a warm smile and placed a hand on my small bump.