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It's cold outside,

But I want to talk to a friend,

Without leaving my home.

I know that,

The best way to do so,

Is to talk on the telephone.

If the phone rings,

It means I have a call from someone.

If I pick it up,

And there's a dial tone,

Or the operator's telling me to leave a message,

The person I'm calling

Isn't available at the time.

When I hear the phone ring,

It could mean I will have a conversation

With a good friend.

If the phone doesn't ring,

I dial the number instead.

And without hesitation,

The line will reach its destination

So I can call my friend.

Even though my phone is


And not very relevant,

It's still useful for making phone calls.

Old or new,

Cord or no cord,

With a screen or no screen,

I'm able to make calls,

No matter what size or shape my phone is.

When I call someone on the phone,

I know that I'm never alone.

Don't hang up.

Please stay on the line.

I want to have a good conversation.

I always wonder who I will call

The second I answer

The telephone.