After The Last Hope

Author: Duck and Cinder
Genre(s): unknown
Rating: Safe
Status: In Progress
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None


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Prologue (Cinder)

Jayfeather padded down the slope to the moonpool, Dewpaw, Littlecloud, Mistpaw, Kestralflight and Willowshine following close behind him. No cat made a sound until they reached the moonlit pool.

"Sweet dreams!" Willowshine meowed, then bent down to drink some of the cold water. All the other cats did the same.

When Jayfeather woke up, he realized he was on the island. Standing a few foxlenths away from him were the other medicine cats. They were all looking puzzled at being found in the same dream as one another.

Then four StarClan desended from the sky. Jayfeather recognized them as Firestar, Blackstar, Onestar and Mistystar.

"We have a message for all of you." Firestar started.

"I'm the oldest, I should have started." Blackstar muttered under his breath. "Just because he died first, he thinks he's so special! All because of that prophecy."

"You know full well I do not think that." Firestar meowed. "No one else was starting, so I thought I'd better."

"Stop argueing!" Mistystar hissed. "The medicine cats are here."

"Just so you know, I don't think you're being self-centered." Onestar reasured Firestar. Jayfeather guessed that during their time in StarClan, the two toms had renewed their friendships.

"Let's get on to the point." Mistystar meowed. "This is serious."

"Right." Blackstar grunted. "Danger is coming to the clans."

"All four of them." Onestar continued.

Firestar nodded. "You must help save your clans. I will not have the clans die."

"We didn't fight the Dark Forest just to have the clans die out a few seasons later." Mistystar agreed.

"But what is the danger?" Jayfeather heard Mistpaw ask, but the forest around them was begining to fade. Jayfeather opened his eyes to find himself by the moonpool, blind as usual.

Chapter 1 - Lionblaze (Duck)

"Lilypaw, I now name you Lilypetal," Bramblestar finished as Lilypetal took her place next to her sister, Seedfall.

Lionblaze looked at his mate, Cinderheart, "That'll be our kits one day," he purred.

Some days I can't wait," she replied.

"Lilypetal, Seedfall!" Lionblaze and Cinderheart joined into the enthusiastic cheering for their Clanmates, the two new warriors bowed their heads down, in embarrassment from everycat looking at them.

I remember that I felt exactly like them when I first became a warrior, everything seemed so easy then, Lionblaze thought to himself.

"Lionblaze," Lionblaze snapped his head around when he heard his name being called, "Would you like to join Rosepetal, Whitewing, Amberpaw, and myself on a hunting patrol?" Berrynose asked.

"Sure!" Lionblaze replied, bounding across the clearing to where the rest of the patrol was waiting.

"OK then," Berrynose said, leading the patrol out into the forest, rich of green leaves.

"Lionblaze," Berrynose ordered, "Take Whitewing towards the abandoned Twoleg nest."

Lionblaze gave a nod, then beckoned to Whitewing with his tail and started racing through the forest.

They slowed as they reached the nest, and Lionblaze immediatly scented a vole, he beconed for Whitewing to go around to the back of the clump of bracken where the vole scent was the strongest.

At the exact same moment Whitewing and Lionblaze pounced, landing in the clump of bracken, they heard squealing and Lionblaze realized that they had come across not one vole, but a whole nest full.

- - - -

As they arrived back at the clearing where they were supposed to meet Berrynose they could haddly carry all of the voles.

Thank you StarClan, for this gift, Lionblaze mused.

Chapter 2 - Seedfall (Cinder)

Seedfall was finishing off the mouse she had chosen from the frech-kill pile. it had been good and plump, enough to fill her relitively empty belly.

"Hurry up Seedfall!" Squirrelflight called impatiently. "These borders won't mark themselves!"

"Coming Squirrelflight!" Seedfall called, licking the last of the mouse from her whiskers. She padded over to join the patrol.

"Finally." Squirrelflight sighed. "Come on, let's go."

Seedfall fell in beside Molespots and Ivypool. She was excited for the patrol, after all, it was along the WindClan border. Not tomention it was her first patrol as a warrior. She wondered if they'd see any cats there. You can't be thinking that way. She told herself sternly. These feelings are against the warrior code.

Soon they reached the WindClan border. The scent of WindClan filled her mouth, and it seemed stronger than usual.

"You fox-hearts!" Seedfall heard Squirrelflight yowl, and she spun around to see a patrol of six WindClan cats.

The WindClan patrol consisted of Sunstrike, Lightningpaw, Whiskernose, Sedgewhisker, Emberfoot and Crouchskip. Seedfall's heart skipped a beat when she saw Crouchskip. She met his eyes, and he looked at her guilty. She wondered what he was so guilty about.

"Prey-stealers!" Molespots hissed. For the first time, Seedfall saw the dead squirrels in Whiskernose and Emberfoot's jaws. That's when she realized what Crouchskip had looked so guilty about.

"We can't stand for this." Squirrelflight yowled. "ThunderClan attack!" She leaped at Sunstrike, who was leading the WindClan patrol.

It took Seedfall a moment to realize what had happened. Molespots and Ivypool had flug themselved into battle. She gave her head a shake and leaped into the fray, hoping she wouldn't have to fight Crouchskip. Luckily she found herself facing Lightningpaw. An apprentice. How easy.

It wasn't as if Crouchskip and her were mates or anything. They had met at a gathering when she was an apprentice, and he had just been made a warrior. Somehow they'd become friends, dispite the tension between their clans. He had never been more than a friend, but sometimes Seedfall wished they could be. She didn't know if Crouchskip felt the same way.

Lightningpaw proved to be a feircer fighter than she thought, but Seedfall wasn't afraid of loosing the fight. She managed to pin him down, and lunged for the throat, not to kill, him, but to scare him off.

Her ploy worked. Lightningpaw struggled free and disappeared in the throng of fighting cats. Seedfall flaced around, and realized with an icey fear that ThunderClan was loosing the battle. She had to do something to help. She flung herself at the closest cat.

Too late she realized it was Crouchskip. She sheathed her claws, but he didn't recognize her.

"Crouchskip, please, I'm sorry. Don't hurt me." Seedfall whispered.

The fury faded from Crouchskip's eyes and his expression turned to horror. He sheathed his claws and dipped his head to her. "Sorry." He charged back into the battle.

Seedfall glanced franticly around for aother cat to fight. She spotted Molespots struggling under Emberfoot's claws. She was about to leap onto him when Squirrelflight broke away from Sunstrike and raced off into the forest, yowling for retreat. Seedfall reluctantly sheathed her claws and raced after Squirrelflight, casting a sorrowful glance at Crouchskip.

Chapter 3 - Molespots (Duck)

The battle was bittersweet for Molespots, one one count they had lost, on the other paw he had his first noticible wound, a torn ear.

He followed his patrol, as they raced through the forest, back to camp, and once they got there he collapsed on the ground. His mind was bursting with thoughts and he wondered why Crouchskip had gone soft on Seedfall, he had a nagging thought in the back of his mind, but he shook his head, Seedfall wouldn't do that!

He looked up and gasped as he finally looked at the other members of the patrol, they were worse off than he'd expected, Ivypool had deep clawmarks on one of her flanks, half of Squirrelfight's ear had been ripped off, and there were tooth-marks on her tail, and Seedfall had clawmarks across her muzzle and legs.

He looked up as he heard pawsteps approaching. Dewpaw, the small medicine cat apprentice, came pattering up with cobwebs in his jaws.

"I heard it was bad out there," Dewpaw mewed, sticking the cobwebs onto Molespots' torn ear.

Molespots nodded, "This is the first time we've been defeated since Bramblestar has been leader."

"Squirrelflight must be seething that her patrol was beaten," Dewpaw remarked, finishing wrapping Molespots' ear.

"She is," Molespots mewed

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