Author: Haylee
Type: Poems
Genre(s): unknown
Rating: Safe
Status: Completed
Series: None
Preceding: None
Succeeding: None

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A Nightmare In Darkness

I can't sleep

I have the creeps

I hear a creak

do I dare peak

a goblin under my bed

a snake by my head

a ghost in my socks

a spider on my clock

what is it that I detect

it sounds like insects

or maybe a shark

it's to dark


nervous chant

warlock in the hall

evil call

a werewolf howl

a lions growl

a tickle on my leg

don't be a bug I beg

a clatter

a splatter

I groan

I moan

I'm all alone


a strange glow

aliens from mars

evil candy bars


gooey gelatin

fire man

hot pan

evil faces

my heart beat races

guy with a mace

bury my face

weapons gleam

let out a scream

hurried paces

my parents faces

the light goes on

nightmare is gone

===Hey peeps! This is just a fun little poem I made about how a little kid might feel in the dark O_o anyways feel free to comment, praise, or whatever in the comments. You can even tell me how awesome I am! xD just a suggestion.===