I Love Writing Wiki

The best view always comes

After the hardest climb.

Every accomplishment always starts

With the decision to try.

Take pride in how far you've come

And have faith in how far you'll go

There's no limit in accomplishing your goals

And you'll never be alone.

Like a bird, you'll have to try and learn

Before you're able to fly,

For the feeling of accomplishing something

Is simply divine.

Success isn't just about accomplishment,

It's also about the things you do

To motivate and inspire others

To do something motivating, too.

Always measure the size of your compliments

By all of those obstacles

That you had to overcome

To reach your dreams and goals.

People with goals succeed

Because they know where they're going,

And you should know where you're going, too,

Because you should never crash without knowing.

We go beyond our limits

Once we start accepting them.

We don't have a need to quit,

Just take a break every now and then.

You always get the accomplishment

That you're willing to declare,

For all the steps that you take

Will always lead you there.

If you feel like you can't accomplish something,

Don't let it put you in a bad mood,

Because in the bumpy roads ahead,

Somebody will help you.

The mountains of success are hard to climb,

And they may be a bit too tall,

But you can always get back up

And keep climbing after you fall.

Once the journey's over, just ask yourself

"What have I achieved?"

The answer is simple, because you've accomplished

Something that you had to believe.

Every achievement starts with the decision

To begin creating your goal and achieving it.

From start to finish, you'll manage to succeed

Your journey of accomplishment.