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Author: One Of Our Users
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==Authors Note==

This is just a fun little poem about myself I wrote last year. Hope you enjoy it =D

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I know how to dribble and kick the ball

I am against every single brawl

You can count on me

I know where to be

I ignore negativity

I'm all for positivity

I love to write

I get it right

The details flow

The feeling show

Writing is my passion

Nike is my fashion

I take action!

I love living

I'm very forgiving

I'm in it

to win it


winning obsessive

I'm pretty smart

when I do something I give heart

I got my friends by my side

friendship can definitely change the tide
I'm fast

I don't dwell on the bad things from the past


basketball courts

soccer is best

it puts you to the test

I love books they're like dreams

exciting, ever flowing streams

you can't use peer pressure on me

I know what I want to be

I can tell right from wrong

I stand strong

I'm proud that I get past all the bad

the stuff that makes me frustrated and sad

I have stopped letting anger blind me

from the things I know I need to see

I make mistakes its true

at first I didn't know what to do

but now I know when I try my hardest

I can travel my farthest

I learned to learn

for other people I feel concern

I feel like the word limit is pretend

in possibilities there is no end

I am always thinking of ideas for book

I can find inspiration, I know where to look

I go above expectations

in my writing creations

I enjoy being me

I seen endless possibilities

my name is Haylee

and I'm proud to be me.