Mothstar - Mothstar is a black and golden brown tom with blue eyes.


Mouseflight - A brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes.

Medicine Cat

Greymask - Greymask is a grey tom with darker gray markings and blue eyes.


Nightclaw - Nightclaw is a black-as-night tom with cold, ice blue eyes.

Smallfeather - A small brown-and-ginger tom with tufted ears and amber eyes.

Dapplepaw - Dapplepaw is a dappled white, ginger, and brown tortoiseshell she-cat with grey eyes.

Pinenettle - Pinenettle is a black and brown striped she-cat with yellow-green eyes.

Marshpaw - Marshpaw is a grey-and-brown she-cat.

Fuzzyfur - Fuzzyfur is a brown she-cat with fuzzy, rumpled fur and yellow eyes.

Scarpelt - Scarpelt is a scarred mottled brown tom with yellow eyes.

Sneezepaw - A light brown tom with amber eyes.

Loststripe - A grey she-cat with black tabby stripes and amber eyes.

Echopaw - Echopaw is a grey she-cat with distinctly darker paws and blue eyes.

Queens & Kits

Dawnwater - Dawnwater is a longhaired, cream-and-white she-cat with green eyes. Mother to Mothstar's kits

Adderkit - Adderkit is a red-brown mottled tabby tom with blue eyes.
Hollykit - A pale gray she-cat with green eyes.


Longfur - A white she-cat with very long fur and green eyes.

Elmwillow - Elmwillow is a small, white and grey dappled she-cat with yellow eyes.



Amberstar - Amberstar is a ginger she-cat with pale cream paws and blue eyes.


Tallflower - A black and white she-cat with blue eyes.

Medicine Cat

Runningstream - Runningstream is a light brown and black tabby she-cat with amber eyes.



Harestar - A pale brown and white tom with green eyes.


Fallenblossom - Fallenblossom is a white, brown, and ginger tortoiseshell she-cat with a torn ear and grey eyes.

Medicine Cat

Petalclaw - Petalclaw is a cream-and-brown she-cat with amber eyes.



Flintstar - A grey tom with black paws and ice blue eyes.


Oatfur - Oatfur is a light brown tom with white paws and underbelly and amber eyes.

Medicine Cat

Heronheart - An old light cream-colored tom with dull green eyes.