1. A Warrior's Start
  2. A Warrior's Choice
  3. A Warrior's Destiny


A Warrior's Start

Adderkit is a young ThunderClan kit who dreams of being a warrior. When he his apprenticed to Nightclaw, he realizes that being a warrior isn't all it's made up to be. Now the future of ThunderClan rests in his paws, and the Four Clans will never be the same again.

A Warrior's Choice

Adderfang is now a warrior of ThunderClan. But with that comes many changes to his life. His sister is dead, killed by Nightclaw, but he can't decide whether or not to join his former mentor in his quest to conquer the Clans. He could rule the Clans or save them, if only StarClan knew the right choice.

A Warrior's Destiny

Adderfang has made his choice, and now he must live with it. But not everything is as it looks. Nightclaw may not be the villian that he was made out to be and the Clans may not even deserve to be saved - or even ruled. The fate of Clans rests in Adderfang's paws once again, but not even StarClan can help.


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