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It was a dark night

When I heard a sound.

It was a barking sound,

But I didn't know where it came from.

I had to go out and see what it was.

I opened the door

And went out to the garden

To find the source of the bark.

It was dark outside,

So I turned on my flashlight

And looked around to see what was making the noise.

I saw birds hanging from the telephone wire,

Although they never show up after dusk.

I looked throughout the garden,

When I suddenly heard the barking.

As I got closer,

The barking got louder.

I could hear it coming from a nearby bush.

I found the nearest bush

And pointed my flashlight at it.

That's when I saw that the barking noise

Was coming from a small dog.

The dog gave a yelp as I shone the flashlight at it,

Which gave me quite a shock.

I didn't know how a dog came into my garden,

But I knew that it seemed to be stray.

Slowly, I walked over to the dog

And gave it a gentle stroke.

The dog seemed to like me

And followed me back into the house.

To this day, I have kept the dog

And he is my new pet.

I am grateful he barked for me on that dark night

For I have made a friend.