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• 10/2/2016

RapidsLurker15 - October 2016 Discussion

Hello, everybody -- where is everybody?
Eh, screw it. Doing this anyway. It's time for Discussion Week 8: The Last Ride.
While The Lightning Warrior is still on hiatus, and the Age of Enlightenment series won't start until after The Lightning Warrior ends, I can still talk about the Tales of the AAA series.
You may have noticed a distinct lack of Quest for the Holy Grail chapters. That's because I'm putting off writing the series until Brandon: Issue #1 is released. I've noticed how slowly I write when I'm writing two things at once (and it's been happening since Civil War, since I used to be good at writing both TLW and the Tales of the AAA series, but then Civil War got delayed and I focused solely on the AAA series.
As a side note, there will be a character in Clean Slate that tends to use the word "fuck" frequently. Therefore, I have decided that Clean Slate will be the first AAA story to be rated "Explicit" rather than "Moderate".
You may have noticed the sheer amount of new stories that have been announced recently. For most of them, I have some sort of plan for them. For Team JNPR, Space Patrol Luluco, Team NDGO, TBA, Gerardo's Very Own Story, Team BRNZ, and Sailor Scouts, I'm going to need some help with planning (although I know who I want the villain for Sailor Scouts to be). The other people in the American Anime Association (yes, it's a real thing) can't come up with anything right now, and I can't share anything about TBA since that would spoil a major plot point from Admins: The Vengeful Man of Lightning that I would rather not have spoiled. Hell, I need some planning for anything after Admins: The Vengeful Man of Lightning in general, since Admins 3 was originally supposed to be the end of the AAA series. Hopefully Space Patrol Luluco will open up some new doors for the AAA series to take, being in space and all.
For anyone wondering why there isn't a team-up story after Admins 3, there is. Grimm Eclipse is a team-up and collective sequel to Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Team CFVY, Team NDGO, and Team BRNZ, and also potentially a Team ABRN solo story. I can't do Admins stories forever, and I will have to end this series at some point. It can't focus on the American Anime Association forever; that'd get boring, as well as the fact that it limits who I can use despite the fact that every anime character who has ever existed, exists in the universe. I'd like for there to be focus on some obscure anime characters (because of the previously stated point), but I don't want to be writing them without a clue about what I'm doing like I was in the early chapters of Quest for the Holy Grail.
Well, that's a load off my back. I didn't think I had that much in me.
Before I leave, I would like to add that I want to eventually get The Lightning Warrior published. To do so, I would have to change it drastically. Before I do so, I intend to finish The Lightning Warrior as it is currently, since I'm so far set into the story I can't change it now. You guys on the wiki will read The Lightning Warrior as it was originally intended to be, then when I (hopefully) get it published (hopefully as a graphic novel series, but my drawing ability needs to be better than pisspoor by that point), it will be almost a different series. Many things will be changed; for example, Aaron and the other elementals won't kill, since killing makes them gigantic fucking hypocrites. Another addition will be Rachel from The Secret of the Crystal Kingdom, although earth elementals will be removed. The characters will live in Archer District as opposed to Jefferson District, and the series will feature more politics. The series will still retain some themes, such as governmental corruption and discrimination, but some more themes will be explored, and some scenes fleshing out the characters will be added, since I want the fans of The Lightning Warrior to feel something when major characters die, and I've noticed the lack of character development in the series.
Well, I think that's it for this month. Until next month,
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• 9/1/2016

IRmjii's Discussion Week - September 2016

Hello i'm back for another round of.....huh? Where is everyone lol.
Well time to ressurect the dead. I wonder what happened to this....and the writing club. They were great. Anyways
Here is what i have upcoming for you good citizens of this wiki.
The Floating Life Saver - This is not new. I have started this a while back but never got a chance to spread the word since life has really set me appart. So whats new? Chapter nine is out if you want to read it. Inside is a big stew full of comedy, sad bits, shocking bites and unsual dialouge.  Give it a read if you find it interested.  
Don't Rain On My Parade - On hiatus. I will let you know when more will come.
And 2 poems! 
Vanish - Something you once loved now turned into smitherines....Pretty much sums it up. 
Dark and Light - About good and evil. Nothing else to say.
And that is all i can provide for now. Thank you and happy disscussing.
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• 7/15/2016

Discussion Week (start 18/07/16)

Welcome to brand new DW! It will start Monday - this way you have time to prep what you want to share, and also to feedback on the new system I am proposing. 
Before, I think part of DW's failings was the sheer volume of content, which made it hard to read through and then comment on. So, I suggest that we turn this into more of a workshop type deal: bring a piece of your writing - preferably no more than a few thousand words (it can be just a section) - and thne outline what is going on, and what you like about it and what you'd like some direct feedback on. 
Then, in the comments, readers should put one thing they liked, one thing they thought could be done differently and ask any questions about the project or the exerpt. As before, to enter the DW you should comment on at least one other person's work, though I feel this will make it easier to do so. 
With luck, there should be no useless comments just to comment on liking it - by all means integrate this, and even go to the story page itself to leave it because those comments do have purpose, just in DW all comments should be constructive. 
Thoughts? Suggestions?
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• 12/21/2016

RapidsLurker15 - February 2016 Discussion

Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?
Huh. Seems to be abandoned. *wipes dust off of old forum posts* Wow, my last post was in June. Anyway, it's time for Discussion Week 7: Something Pertaining to Resurrection!
First up, The Lightning Warrior:

Previously on The Lightning Warrior, Patricia was killed offscreen, and Hunter started the Blood War Arc's final battle.
The reason why 107 was the last chapter to come out (and why it came out on Christmas Eve)? A lot of my focus has shifted over towards the Tales of the AAA series, especially since Civil War came out less than a week ago.
Chapter 108, "The Truth About Ajax", is still being worked on. We get to see what Ajax really looks like underneath those robes! I can guarantee it will throw you for a loop!
Next up, the Tales of the AAA series:

Civil War came out on Friday, February 12. Deadpool shared a release date with it. Unrelated, but, Deadpool was an AWESOME movie!
The next story to come out will be the prequel tale 4Kids: The Rise to Power, which shows how 4Kids began and how they started on their path to world domination. However, because of Civil War (and a new AAA-related project, down below), 4Kids: The Rise to Power may not make its February 26 deadline.
The next chronological story will be Clean Slate, coming out in 2017. Clean Slate will feature some returning villains and some new villains, and currently has the most amount of villains planned for one story, with 12.
Basic plot synopses for the three prequels:
4Kids: The Rise to Power: 4Kids begins to "localize" several anime and has the public fooled. However, a certain red-suited fourth-wall breaker (as well as the various creators of the localized series) will have none of it.
Brandon: Issue #1: Brandon faces an enemy from his past as the fate of all of anime is at stake.
Braden: Haywire: Braden attempts to create an AI to eliminate any threats to the AAA. However, when the AI eliminates someone that it wasn't meant to eliminate, Braden will have to seek help from an unexpected source to take down the AI.
Finally, the Age of Enlightenment series:

There are no new developments. It will start after The Lightning Warrior finishes so that there will be no more missed deadlines.
And now, the announcement of a new Tales of the AAA project! When Wave and Buggy met in Civil War's third post-credits scene, it wasn't just coincidence. Something larger is unfolding, and the AAA may not be enough to stop it... The Quest for the Holy Grail, coming soon!
Until next time, —Rapids 21:01, February 19, 2016 (UTC)
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• 9/7/2015

Discussion Week August + September

I don't know but July was somehow held back and so we have missed a month. Normally Leo would be doing this but i think she might have a lot on as she has forgotten about this. So here is the great IRmjii attempting to "bring it back".
Anyways enough rambling its time post your disscussion weeks!
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• 11/2/2015

RapidsLurker15 - June 2015 Discussion

Hello everyone, and welcome to Discussion Week 6: Milking It For All It's Worth. Let me just start by saying that tomorrow is the birthday of Bailey from the Tales of the AAA series. Speaking of Bailey, his standalone story has officially entered the Writing stage! Bailey releases on August 14. But, without further ado, let's get started!
First up, The Lightning Warrior:

Previously on The Lightning Warrior, Aaron has to deal with the jealous ex-boyfriend the vengeful older brother.
The Arc 9 Q&A is now taking questions! Hopefully I will use this blog post to answer some questions for the Arc 8 Q&A (as I got no questions). The Q&A will take questions until next Tuesday, which is (hopefully) when the first chapter of Arc 10 will release!
Chapter 75, if all goes as planned, releases tomorrow. As of the time I'm writing this, I have it started, but not finished.
Finally, the Tales of the AAA series:

As stated before, tomorrow is Bailey Rodriguez' birthday. Tomorrow is also the birthday of his namesake.
Check out the recently updated Tales of the AAA/Characters page, updated to prevent clutter, as Adriel 2 (the temporary name, as the actual story will have a different name), coming in 2016, will have a lot of special guest stars. As well, check out some of the major updates to Adriel that I have made.
Bailey will feature a lot of familiar faces, as well as introducing some new ones. ;)
And that's it for Discussion Week June! Before I go, I would like to say that I have my own wiki now! :D It's located at marvel-contestofchampions.wikia.com, and any help we can get is highly appreciated!
Until next Discussion Week,
—Rapids 16:42, June 29, 2015 (UTC)
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• 6/27/2015

Discussion Week June

Almost forgot,  thanks Rapids! Anyway because I like to start it on a Monday, Monday approaching it shall be :)
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• 6/27/2015

IRmjii - June 2015

It's coming to the end of the month before July hits. Exciting i know to some. But for me it's disscussion time! So who's ready for some fun!? Lets begin.
Don't Rain On My Parade - Ok the lastest one to read is Grains Of Salt. A nice poem about a mother who remember the past with his son who was 2 in the sandy beaches. This is more about relationships than enviroment but it's still a nice read.
Midsummer Memories - A nice collaboration between Me and Bramble with poems all to do with the summer Some great peoms to read on there.
Theme Park Of Total Destruction - The title needs some work but nonetheless it a funny and silly poem about a father and sons day out to a theme park. I'll give you ten points and a cookie if you can guess which poem this was inspired by.
Terrible Takeaway's - Still working on this but no updates yet. Sorry.
Work - Inspired by Simon Armitage's poem CV it shows the difficulties and stress of work.
Sunlight Sonata - A upcoming anthology that is going to involve the whole wiki if they are up for it. Anyone can join and sign up. It will have 4 categories. Family, Food, Horror and Love. Coming soon but i'm always open to people. I am hoping for at least 5 people but im ok with less.
Limerick And He's Paul - Planned and should be up but no notice has been given. It is confirmed however.
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• 5/26/2015

RapidsLurker15 - May 2015 Discussion

A day late as I got back home from Arkansas late last night. I've been sick as a dog with a very poor immune system. Captain America: The Winter Soldier is pretty good, by the way. But here's Discussion Week 5: Arc 5 Q&A (see what I did there?) and we have barely ANYTHING to talk about :C
First up, The Lightning Warrior:

Previously on The Lightning Warrior, somebody died horribly.
Chapter 67 goes live as soon as I get home from Driver's Ed, which should be around 3:30pm Central time.
Worldbuilding: There are no more character pages, and the Transportation page is now The Lightning Warrior/Attacks.
Hopefully, the Arc 8 Q&A will be up sometime soon.
Next up, the Age of Enlightenment series:

Literally nothing.
Next up, Zodiac Warrior:

Literally nothing. I've barely given this series a thought since last Discussion Week.
Finally, Tales of the AAA:

Adriel goes up on Friday.
If you look on Tales of the AAA#Stories/Release Dates or Template:Tales of the AAA/Episode One, you will see that I announced the release date for every story in Episode One.
And that's it for Discussion Week! Before we leave, I'd just like to say that this will be the last Discussion Week before I turn 15! :D My birthday is June 16, for those wondering.
Until next month,
—Rapids 15:21, May 26, 2015 (UTC)
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• 5/26/2015

Bloody18 - Discussion Week May 2015

So I still am working at Walgreens, which is taking up a HUGE chunk of my time. I still get on the wiki everyday, I just may not edit heh
So anyway, I'm working mainly on four things, in the current (as of writing this) order, they are:
Marry the Night

This is a short story about a girl who gets possessed by Satan. I am a bit confused on how to continue this from where I left off, but nonetheless, I think this will turn out pretty good imho. It'll be very "teenage-y" and have some low-brow humor heh.
The Seven Paths Saga

This is a seven book (surprise, surprise) high/epic fantasy featuring seven forms of magic. I don't want to say much else about this quite yet though.

Basically, everything is still the same (except I've decided to add another character to the mix (he was going to be a part of the story eventually, but I'm changing his role). The novellas are now on one page, Cataclysm: Before. I'm not sure if I want to do Junkland Rats, but Man From The Moon will be this new male character's novella. There is also going to be a novella collection of "epilogues" called Cataclysm: After, but it'll be a while before I get to that heh
The Fool's Prophecy

Finally, The Fool's Prophecy is kinda on the back-burner, but I can practically start it whenever I want. All I really need to do at this point is plan out what deaths happened when (because a character will die in almost ever chapter (one character survives heh))
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• 5/25/2015

Leopard - May 2015

yo so i haven't written any story stuff recently so let's have some poems

What More Than Love - I'm like 90% sure I've put this one up before but w/e today is an aro day so here
graveyard. - I do love the formatting on this one it is very nice if I do say so myself.
A Summer Fete - A pleasant and nice poem about good old English fetes
To Care - I don't even know what this is??? yeah it's a bit dark but then loads of my poems are so big surprise
so ya that's it?? good k bye, love the airport
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• 5/25/2015

IRmjii - May 2015

It's that time of the month again. Disscusuin time! So i don't want to go into too much detail so let's begin!
Daft Idiots - Since i'm more of a poet than a story kind of guy this is becoming more and more difficult and maybe even boring to write so no updates untill i find time to complete chapter 2. Sorry but that's how it is.
A Book Full Of Surprises - No updates becuase it doesn't need updateing. It's complete. You can check it out of you want though.
Like Father, Like Son - Discontinued because i'm more a poetic person and i have other projects to work on. Sorry but someone else can continue it if they want to
Don't Rain On My Parade - I'm stiill going with this one and still updating it. Check out Tornado!. The newest one available.
Terrible Takeaway's - This one is an interesting concept. Although like i said i am more of a poetic person but this is an unusal combination of a story series with poetry. Each chapter of each book is one poem but links with each other. It's only just started though so the first book hasn't even been published. It portays a restaurant with different workers who each have problems for example one worker is an alcoholic while one is physically handicapped and one has OCD. A new takeaway opens up next door and steals all there customers. So they try methods of getting all of the customers back such as advertising or putting the owners of the other Takeaway out of business.
Secret Love - This isn't in any series. I like this one i think it's kinda cute but also sad. It portray's the life of 2 neighbours who are in love but they have over protective parents who forbid them seeing each other. At nights they sit on the fench until one night Shawn's dad (The guy in the Story/Poem) finds out and becuase of it the girl is forced to move away from the neighbourhood. Cute and sad at the same itme.
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• 5/22/2015

Discussion Week May

Does Monday sound okay to everyone? Because that is when it shall be.
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• 4/28/2015

IRmjii - April 2015

I will just jump right to the point. Here is what's in store for today.
A Book Full Of Surprises - Ongoing. A book full of random Poems with no real meaning and is designed to be silly. So far 38 have been written. 4 more have been published today. There are 50 in total.
Don't Rain On My Parade - A book of weather poems with a meaning. This is under construction.
Like Father, Like Son - An upcoming Short Story/Songfic inspired by Nizlopi's JCB song. It will show the relationship of a five year old dyslexic kid and his farther who works in a construction site.
Daft Idiots - A series where 2 guys attempt in running many business ventures in hopes of becoming millionaires. It portrays the relationship of a impatient man and his dumb friend. It's a comedy in case you were wondering. Chapter One of book 1 is done for those who wish to read it. Its called LemonAid
Well that is it from me. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my material.
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• 4/28/2015

Bloody18 - Discussion Week April 2015

(NOTICE: Late last night I was typing this up, but my computer messed up, and it all went to shite. So instead, I will give you all a quick recap of what I was going to say: I've been very busy with life, such is why I've been practically nonexistant in the wiki activity sector. So, to help with writing, I'm going to just write whatever I have inspiration for, meaning none of my projects are my "current" project, because they all are. Hope this makes sense. So now I will proceed to give you info on the projects that I've been thinking about/on in the past few weeks).

This is still a sci-fi story set in the future. Really nothing has changed aside from the fact that I'm again working on it. I'm currently focus on two of the three prequel novellas, Storm and Junkland Rats (in that order as well). Storm focuses on Jupiter O'Hara, who will become the main character group's fighter and melee person. Junkland Rats focuses on Remmy Gaiga, who is the series main main main protagonist. Both of them have some writing done, but not a lot, so yeah x3
The Fool's Prophecy

This is based largly on the Major Arcana, and is very very very very meta. There are characters who break the fourth wall, and a lot of other such things. I plan on there maybe being 22 chapters (with one of the 22 "main" characters dying in each chapter), as another point towards the Major Arcana, but I'm not completely sure yet. I have a feeling this may become my favorite project. This is a standalone if you were interested.
Covenant of Blood

So this is what became of the Blackbriar Coven trilogy. I original lost interest in the idea, but I've thought of a way to make it work, so yeah. It'll still be about a family of witches fighting off a demon, but other than that, I don't want to give away much else just yet (as I haven't thought of too much else aside from some key plot things that won't make sense to non-me people heh).
The Jenma Barrow Chronicles

So this is a combonation of The Shades Trilogy with a less fantastical and more alternate history setting. Instead of being magic based, the mutant powers are now science based, and yeah. This is set in a world were the USSR and Germany teamed up in WW2 and won, but then the USSR and Germany entered a not-so Cold War (a la the USA and the USSR in our world), and yeah, stuff goes down. I think this will be very interesting and dark and yeah. Definitely one to watch.
So that's it for this month! If you're interesting in learning any more info, I will try to give out as much as possible. Thanks for any feedback and comments!
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• 4/28/2015

Birdpaw - April 2015

Welp, actually not much I'm working on because I have another brainblock so rip.
What I have been kind of trying to ease my way writing a new original series call Virus of the Stars (credit to Bloody and Leo for helping me come up with the name and listening to the first summary of it.
I actually haven't gotten that far, chapter 1 isn't even finished, I'd like to know what you guys think of it so far, and maybe help me with more ideas or what you think would be good to change (i know leo didn't like the beginning because fall out boy lol)
Sooo yeah go nuts c:
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• 4/27/2015

Leopard - April 2015

Heyo, as ever I have been writing sad poems and stuff as well as that one story about mermaids so ya

Fair Winds and Following Seas - cute name yeah?? yeah anyway I have 3 (?) chaps of this now it's about cute mermaids who live an a sunken ship and they're really cute so feedback on this please :)
Blood Silver - a tiny short one. I don't know what any of it means.
Things Lost in a Coffee Shop - nice images. supposed to be about a bakery on a cold morning. kinda cute.
D so yeah that's all from me would appreciate mermaid au comments most but anything is nice too :)
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• 5/5/2015

RapidsLurker15 - April 2015 Discussion

Hello everybody, it's your friendly neighborhood Rapids with Discussion Week 4: Like Transformers 4, But Just as Good! To start, I must say that I hate Wikia's new color-coded source code. It bugs the shit out of me.
First up, The Lightning Warrior:

Previously on The Lightning Warrior, Five Nights at Freddy's 4 was apparently announced, but Aaron couldn't get http://www.scottgames.com to load! While this was happening, Avengers: Age of Ultron was released in Europe, and some jerk on Facebook decided to spoil the ending for Hunter, ruining his day.
Chapter 59 goes live tomorrow. The exciting conclusion to Noah and Jack vs. Storm Mantis!
Next up, the Age of Enlightenment series:

I revealed the plot for the first book in the series, titled The Age of Enlightenment, in the comments for my last Discussion Week post. I suggest you give it a read. It's intriguing :)
About the Secret Messages section: I had previously given this no thought, but I realized I HAD to do it (spurred on by the Five Nights at Freddy's series), and now all 22 clues for the series are ready for when I'm ready to debut the series :)
I have several more confirmed names! You can view them here.
Finally, potential stories/upcoming stories:

First up, SCP.
Yeah, I'm most likely not going to do this series. I've had progressively less and less interest in SCPs since last Discussion Week, and it was a stupid idea anyway.
Next up, Zodiac Warrior
No new developments
It's time for Leopard's pain! Finally, I must announce that I am preparing a new series. It will (technically) be a collab, and it will be a bunch of stories in a shared universe. Don't have a title for it yet, but thinking about "Tales of the AAA". It involves the admins of the American Anime Association as they deal with things like rogue members, and sometimes they'll cross over Avengers-style. Each one of them will have a debut story, with the crossover (titled "The Admins") featuring the admins fighting a common enemy. "Episode One" will feature the debut stories (six in total) before "The Admins". I don't know when the first of these stories will debut, but it WILL happen! :D
As always, thank you for reading, and I will see you next month for next Discussion Week! Until then, —Rapids 21:00, April 27, 2015 (UTC)
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• 4/4/2015

Discussion Week April

Getting in early before I forget heh :) April's discussion week will begin on the 20th, so look forward to that! I shall post a reminder closer to the time :)
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• 3/23/2015

Leopard - March 2015

hello!! I have been working this month on an actual story!

Mermaid au - please excuse lack of title, and any suggestions for one are welcome! It's technically a cabin pressure fanfic, but it is an alternate universe in which everyone is a mermaid, and you literally don't need to know about the show. It is basically an original fic with characters I borrowed and parallels to certain plot points you would get if you listened to it :)
other than that, just poems: my favourites this month are :

The Dove Flies - an actual sonnet!! it took me ages but I'm kinda proud
What More Than Love - quite a personal poem re romance and love and stuff 
This is a poem about love - same as previous, but a bit more wooly with metaphors and stuff
please read mermaid au!! thank you :)
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